Can you please tell what you are planning for season2?

  • Is it just 23 extra levels?
  • Are you introducing 6*
  • Will HOTM’s be available?
  • Are you making new heroes? (not just hotm’s)
  • will there be a sandbox where we can train as an allie?
  • will 6 hero teams be possible?
  • will you introduce a new colour?
  • As it is septemberish, you might give some clues by now, we have been waiting long for 2 to arrive :smiley:

Indeed perhaps we could have a sneak peek revisited? That’d be cool!:+1:

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I know you want more, but this is the info given this far. :wink:

That’s no info but a circus poster… And those reveal more… :smiley:

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I am not sure why, but I have a feeling it may have something to do with Vivica and her backstory…. Just from the silhouette of some of the characters in the picture.

I’m sure the dialog will be wonderful


Czy w sezonie 2 podczas losowań będą dostępne postacie miesiąca z 1 sezonu ?

That takes a long time

I would be very surprised to see 6* heroes or a new color. Those things would change the balance and dynamics of the game massively. I suppose you never know…

20 Characters

I am not a moderator

Will new players have to play season 1 first?

Will we be able to travel between the two maps?


That is a good thing to know…do we/they have to finish season 1 to enter the 2 or switch from one to another…

If season 2 replaces season 1 map and it’s of equivalent difficulty, surely the top guys will power through it in a day, flasked up to the eyeballs.

So if it replaces season 1, it will need to be more maps or have a much higher end difficulty if it’s going to last even a week!

It has been said elsewhere that the target date for Season 2 is in September.

Patience. :slight_smile:


I’m curious if the second season will create a divergence of first and second season players with new heroes or access to additional content. If so, it seems to have the potential to cause matching problems.

Geez, if we haven’t learned patience yet from playing this game we never will :rofl::joy::sweat_smile::smile:


Before new color heroes I hope they’ll give us some new 4* heroes (maybe blue), putting in a good spot the already existing ones (mainly 5*) and avoid doing 6* heroes.

For new colors… I don’t see problems adding spock and lizard to the mix.

I can’t remember where, but one of the staff said they were investigating ways to make existing heroes stronger outside of just troops. Something equip-able, equipment maybe or something to that effect was our guess.

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For the love of god, I hope 6* heroes never happen. I am all about new heroes, abilities, and yeah ill be fine with new colors, maybe even more than 5 heroes per team. But please no 6* heroes.

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