Can you please shut down raids!? They are useless and unfair!


sorry im not Op please


OP, in this context, means Original Poster. And you are the Original Poster, since you created this thread.


Sorry im an original poster


Everyone who plays this game for long enough is going to get frustrated from time to time. Nobody likes losing, but losing is inevitable–and sometimes you’re going to lose several fights in a row.

When that happens, often the best thing to do is to take a break, relax, and do something else for a while. I know that the more irritated I am, the worse I tend to do, because it’s hard for me to focus on making the best moves.

I’d encourage you to try that as a strategy. The game will still be there when you’re feeling calmer :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems you have had issues with raid before:

This one do not have closure yet, can somebody look at it?

You have another thread about unfairly getting raided too…

Perhaps you could post in gameplay helo & tactics section instead, post your defense team, maybe someone can figure out the problem in your raid defense and help you improve it.

Personally, I like getting raided, especially when I am cup dropping. Sometimes I don’t get attacked for 6 hours while fielding 3* defense in platinum which is very frustrating…


Don’t worry about winning or losing raids just use raids to practise different teams from your roster. This will make your both a better player and better AW player as well.
By doing that alone eventually you will start winning more raids.

Cups are worthless part of this game and really mean nothing and in all honesty other than using them for practicing teams there more a waste of space, time and resources on this game as raids have absolutely no value towards anything on this game orher than killing time.

Your constant arguement only displays that you haven’t worked that out yet.
The illusion that it’s great to make the 100 is nothing more than that, an Illusion which greats the appearance that you need to spend money.
Relise that illusion and you will then start to understand the game better and becone a better player.

I don’t care if i win or lose and I’m climbing the ladder hanging between 2300 and 2500 without even trying. Play for fun instead of trying to play reach a goal that your obviously not strong enough to obtain yet.



Sorry guys for that anger


I just don’t understand getting so angry about an aspect of the game that is working as intended.

I just don’t see the need to moan a :rofl:


useless and unfair for you doesnt mean it same for us , i love how RNGesus works and its unpredictable make everything unique and interesting to play

rather than shutdown Raid , better shutdown your account and play easier game and with no competitive


Fine raids are fair sorry guys


Sure. Actually I work for SGG. I just need to go to the basement and find this big red switch that shuts the raids down…


Watch out @grzechol, that switch is right next to the one that only gives you 3* on a 30pull!! It’s also red so it can get a bit confusing? SG REALLY likes red switches. :joy:


Do you participate in wars? They are a great way to practice for raids (or vice versa). I found raids frustrating at first until I started doing wars and got the hang of them. Now raids are fine, except when I get bad boards. Then they are completely unfair :laughing:


Ok then, thank you so much for that


Not a fan of raids.
Unfair i don’t think it’s relevent. You can always decline to take a revenge if the opponents are too strong.
My issue is, for me, i seem to get crappiest
boards, at least on the first try, most often, it feel like free mana for the opponents, on the second i usually have no major problem, unless they’re over by 100 point.
Some heroes i don’t seen to be able to damage them no matter what i try. I need to get better.
My thoughts on the matter.
Have fun.

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What’s your game name… now I want to raid you for turtling lol