Can you please shut down raids!? They are useless and unfair!


Oh my god! I keep on getting raided by other players! Can you please shut down raids!? They are useless and unfair!


So what is your idea? remove raids feature completly? or a player can opt-in / opt-out raid like war?

I did not care at all if I lose or win, but some how, I can meassure my defense and asking in community which should be optimal choice, the position, and how to attack with stack strong color aginst opponent tank, so on… the progress is good and balance (fair).

If no raids, how can we know our team is strong, how can we meassure?


Maybe yes, I just keep on losing my trophies


Good thing trophies basically dont matter then.

Just relax and let other players take them. Or revenge them and get your trophies back.


Just wait until you win. There’s a certain cup range, where your actual def is able to keep you at. Reaching this point will make you win again.

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Trophies don’t mean much compared to the Iron, food and chests you get for winning raids.

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I used to share your opinion on raids. I thought it was irritating lol! Once I started getting better heroes, it was more competitive for me. Now I’m obsessed with my global rank and raid/revenge all the time. It’s good practice for wars and the new raid tournament. You don’t have to participate with raids either. Trophies are essentially bragging rights. My sister-in-law plays too, and she never raids or revenges anyone. She still loves the game just as much:)


Yeah, I know! It keeps happening to me, too! And then sometimes, these quests pop up, and if I click on them, I have to do puzzles! So irritating!

:wink: All part of the game.



This never happen to me before


Hate to be redundant but as others have said, raids are completely optional just like every other part of the game

On another note if you’d like to improve your raiding or defense performance, you could awlays ask for advice rather than raging out


The best part about being raided is you can hit “revenge”. Try to take your trophies back and not have to worry about that player attacking you again. They cannot revenge a revenge. So color stack against their tank, or strongest hero and teach them not to attack you :wink:


True although i have revenged a player and then rolled them randomly later in the same day, i was raiding a ton that day though. Best part was i knew em so it was pretty awesome


You know @Rigs, I’ve noticed that I’ll hit a revenge then the very next raid will be the same guy? It’s happened pretty consistently too? I figure, well heck I don’t even need to swap heroes :joy:

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That fast? Man wish i was that lucky

When it happened to me they were over 12 hours apart

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It’s baffling honestly? Sometimes I can’t find anyone to raid too? It just has a pop up that tells me to try again later?
For instance right now I have a revenge, guy just attacked me, and he’s my roll for next Raid too. How weird is that?

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I think I have one of yours. You can have it back.


I found the same thing happens but I worked it to be that the system offers you in matching the option to revenge raids befire finding raids.

So as long as you have revenges waiting matching will bring them up first.

Open them and then choose to search new opponent and that tells the system you have no interest in that revenge.

Works for me.


@Ozy1, Thanks! That makes sense. Its been bugging me because it happens so frequently and I don’t want to keep raiding the same guy but hate to spend the food to re-roll too :thinking:


Take a chill pill or just stop playing if getting raided bothers you so much.
I’m not Russian but your comment above is disturbing and I don’t want to judge but reflects poorly on you. Wish I could block this type of posts.

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I’m not convinced the OP is being entirely serious here. Although sometimes it’s hard to tell…