Can you only get one of the 5* heroes in the Challenge Event?

I wanted Red Hood and I spent a lot of money trying to get her. I have two Boss Wolves now but no Red Hood. (I also have 10 each of Hansel and Gretel and 6 Grave) I heard in previous events you either got one or the other. I got Arthur more than once but never got Guinevere. Is this how it works? I should stop wasting money for Red Hood as I am forever a wolf?

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No that’s not true. They are just incredibly, incredibly rare. Lots of people have spent tons of money and got nothing. I know that’s little consolation (believe me - I want Red soooo badly but looks like it’s not meant to be).

I too got Arthur but no Guin. I have Rumpelstiltskin but no Red Hood. I’d be interested to see how many people got Boss Wolf, how many got Red, etc.

I got Red, 2x Rumple, a couple each of Gretel and Hansel, 4x Gravemaker. Awesome good event pull for me.

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