Can you name five stronger champions for Covenant’s finale?

You got Xnolphod the master of “my team will fire before you”, Octros and Frigg for pure death, Milena for recovery or more death, and Penolite for even more death and you get less healing.

Cao cao, Liu bei, c-freya/arco, rhys and Sun Quan for example. Something along those lines would be current MVP team

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Bring counters and healers and minion summoners and a sniper
To survive milena,octros,penolite
Once they kill themselves only xnol remains
Or a taunt if you have one

The best thing is to post your roster so people can help you better

I’m not asking how to beat them. I’m asking what team combination would have been stronger for the grand finale.

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Don’t give any ideas to SGG for the second covenant quest (I hope there will be a few variations of this quest like for costume chambers and tavern of legends with different ennemis), people could come complain about how difficult it is even harder :grimacing:


Morel, Rhys, Xnolphod, Khufu, El Naddaha, in usual V formation.

If they replaced one of the attackers with a Khufu?