Can You Migrate a Whole Alliance? The Migration Toolkit



Not… not yet.
I’ve seen that gleam in @Annieb 's eyes. She seeks to take all of the rings of power for herself.

In fact. Just last night I saw her sacrificing seven virgin… sniffle sob … seven virgin root beers… she poured them out right in front of me.

Then she maniacally laughed.

I’m not saying you guys are doomed. I think, most probably, her deals with the E&P gods will vault you atop the likes of 7DD… but at what cost ??


That is definitely not true. Everything is fine and Annie is a gentle and merciful queen.



Way back in in the 2017s a bunch of newbies somehow came together in an alliance and slowly began our learning.
But the leader made some bad decisions then we hear that he had found another game and forgotten us.
As a group we felt rather upset so we migrated into a new alliance of our own.
None of us have swapped details. Our only contact is the chat, but we profiled ourselves. Mostly in our 30s 40s , good M/F bal and international with a good representation in Australasia, the US, Brazil, South Africa and probably Europe.
So we battle along do all right in the wars until they changed the rules to stop our tactic. And always growing.
Then disaster hit. Our leader lost his account. (Kids should play on there own phones Dad) of course he couldn’t face the months of
rebuilding . Dropped in to say sorry. And drat. Dam so long.
So we discussed what to do. With no access to the Leaders account we could only migrate again.
I put up the gems and Tigers Lair was born.
One stayed to close the shop and I got the fire going and beer brewing over in the new csve
We took a couple of weeks at this. Just about everyone moved with us, including a bout a dozen from the first.
All up a core group of 10 or 13 people playing together across three alliances for 10 months. And those that have came in are generally happy too. The usual comment is “I nearly gave up because I’d the last group i was in but here is good.”
I can’t pin down any particular reason for it having worked, so far. It-s certain not the leaders superb modesty , my spelling or my lack of condesencion to the peons.
What I do think has most to do with the success of the Lair is that we are a solid group who have largely grown apace and assisted others to catch up.
I am glad your experience went so smoothly. As was pointed out there are a lot of traps to avoid. But we managed to avoid them with a combination. Of staunchness and trust.
We might have a leader but we don’t have a boss.
It’s a consensus based group of mature people who have stumbled across a many layered version of jewels and made a few net friendships along the way.


Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


20 days in, and time for an update :slight_smile:

Don’t worry - this won’t be a weekly thing, but it’s been another exciting few days for @Lesley-annia, myself and our alliance, so worthy of a note for those following our adventures !


In our previous existence we were never full. We would pick up 1 or 2 - newbies or wanderers who’s eye we caught on a recruitment ad, but then stick at around 27 members.

This week we have had the most awesome fun, being joined by 4 experienced guys and gals from other alliances which for various reasons had gone stagnant.
These players saw our story and gained the impetus to change their own situation and come join our adventures.

They mostly joined mid-war, so were in spectator mode, but cheered us on in great style to a glorious victory :slight_smile:

It was quite possibly the best war I have been a part of. Very close and to the wire, excitement galore :slight_smile:

Shortly after the war had finished, we then saw our 6* titan almost deceased within 9 hours. We had to hold to give a few of our players a chance of a hit. Again, this is new territory for us.

We are having fun with our new friends, but are also cognizant of the impact the new recruits may have on our travellers. So taking care of the ‘old’ whilst welcoming the ‘new’ is a priority at the moment.
But the integration seems to be going well - no issues to report so far.

I would repeat the invite to come join the party, but I’m afraid you would all have to join a waiting list now :slight_smile:

Annie B


That’s so great to “hear”! Very refreshing with a new, active alliance.

Good luck for future wars and battles with Titans.

Look forward to the next update :slightly_smiling_face: