Can You Migrate a Whole Alliance? The Migration Toolkit

That is definitely not true. Everything is fine and Annie is a gentle and merciful queen.



Way back in in the 2017s a bunch of newbies somehow came together in an alliance and slowly began our learning.
But the leader made some bad decisions then we hear that he had found another game and forgotten us.
As a group we felt rather upset so we migrated into a new alliance of our own.
None of us have swapped details. Our only contact is the chat, but we profiled ourselves. Mostly in our 30s 40s , good M/F bal and international with a good representation in Australasia, the US, Brazil, South Africa and probably Europe.
So we battle along do all right in the wars until they changed the rules to stop our tactic. And always growing.
Then disaster hit. Our leader lost his account. (Kids should play on there own phones Dad) of course he couldn’t face the months of
rebuilding . Dropped in to say sorry. And drat. Dam so long.
So we discussed what to do. With no access to the Leaders account we could only migrate again.
I put up the gems and Tigers Lair was born.
One stayed to close the shop and I got the fire going and beer brewing over in the new csve
We took a couple of weeks at this. Just about everyone moved with us, including a bout a dozen from the first.
All up a core group of 10 or 13 people playing together across three alliances for 10 months. And those that have came in are generally happy too. The usual comment is “I nearly gave up because I’d the last group i was in but here is good.”
I can’t pin down any particular reason for it having worked, so far. It-s certain not the leaders superb modesty , my spelling or my lack of condesencion to the peons.
What I do think has most to do with the success of the Lair is that we are a solid group who have largely grown apace and assisted others to catch up.
I am glad your experience went so smoothly. As was pointed out there are a lot of traps to avoid. But we managed to avoid them with a combination. Of staunchness and trust.
We might have a leader but we don’t have a boss.
It’s a consensus based group of mature people who have stumbled across a many layered version of jewels and made a few net friendships along the way.


Lovely story. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


20 days in, and time for an update :slight_smile:

Don’t worry - this won’t be a weekly thing, but it’s been another exciting few days for @JonahTheBard, myself and our alliance, so worthy of a note for those following our adventures !


In our previous existence we were never full. We would pick up 1 or 2 - newbies or wanderers who’s eye we caught on a recruitment ad, but then stick at around 27 members.

This week we have had the most awesome fun, being joined by 4 experienced guys and gals from other alliances which for various reasons had gone stagnant.
These players saw our story and gained the impetus to change their own situation and come join our adventures.

They mostly joined mid-war, so were in spectator mode, but cheered us on in great style to a glorious victory :slight_smile:

It was quite possibly the best war I have been a part of. Very close and to the wire, excitement galore :slight_smile:

Shortly after the war had finished, we then saw our 6* titan almost deceased within 9 hours. We had to hold to give a few of our players a chance of a hit. Again, this is new territory for us.

We are having fun with our new friends, but are also cognizant of the impact the new recruits may have on our travellers. So taking care of the ‘old’ whilst welcoming the ‘new’ is a priority at the moment.
But the integration seems to be going well - no issues to report so far.

I would repeat the invite to come join the party, but I’m afraid you would all have to join a waiting list now :slight_smile:

Annie B


That’s so great to “hear”! Very refreshing with a new, active alliance.

Good luck for future wars and battles with Titans.

Look forward to the next update :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s our next chapter :grinning:

When last we met, the heros of this tale were looking forward to a quieter life for a while, consolidating their position and taking a break from the planning and general high levels of excitement.

But what’s life without a plan ? @JonahTheBard and myself don’t like to be bored!

The problems of the day were 2 fold.

  1. We really did now have a waiting list, albeit small.
  2. We were being faced with some hard decisions, as some of our fellow travellers were becoming less active and we were discussing whether to kick them out.

WHAT ! I hear you exclaim. These problems aren’t problems - and they cancel each other out. Kick the non contributors and replace them with the waiting list. Sorted :slight_smile:

But that wasn’t good enough for us. These guys had shown great loyalty to us. They followed us to a new alliance and we fought side by side.

Our solution ?

A 2nd alliance. A true training alliance plus vacation home for when real life interferes.

Yay - we had something new to plan!

We did our usual, much discussion amongst the leader group, and we took advice from those who went before us on a similar journey.

The advice was primarily about leadership. And fell into 2 distinct camps
A) Only do it with an alt, else the alliances could diverge in their goals
B) Don’t attempt to run 2 by yourself. Use a trusted co-lead to lead, it’s too much for 1 person.

I was lucky enough to be able to do either. I have an alt and also have some truly awesome co-leads :):grinning:

We chose to use my alt to set it up. Not my megalomania, but a group decision.

Last night we announced: we clearly stated the rules for participation in Guardians Reborn and offered Guardians Ascending as an alternate.

It was well received and 3 of our members have already decided to move over.

I will of course keep you posted, but we are now recruiting for both Alliances - so if you want to join us on our epic journey, hit me on Line: Annie_br

Till next time !




I’ve been thinking of doing something similar and wasn’t sure how to go about it; so thank you for clearing a few things up for me in regards to creating a “sister” alliance.

Definitely good to keep the faithful no matter how active they are.

Once again, thank you for the update and, as always, I look forward to the next one :slightly_smiling_face:


Almost another month on - and what have we been up to ?


We started Guardians Ascending of course and that is going great guns. 28 members there now, some from our parent alliance and many new faces. All contributing and taking down 4 and 5* titans
28 by choice also, we are turning people away to keep space for any vacationers.

And we are already promoting to Guardians Reborn from Ascending

The parent alliance is full ! Our alliance score is up to 93K which is a record for us. And we literally just took down our first 8* titan. Teamwork is awesome, with what felt like the whole alliance waiting for the titan to end in case flasks were needed. They weren’t :slight_smile:

So no major changes this month. But a great few weeks of consolidation, and a steady rate of growth.

It’s still a great time to be a Guardian!

Annie B


Congratulations on your growth. The Tigers Lair got full too. But a few lazies an oops and I got tired as leader.
OTOH we all got TC 20 and the originals could go seeking bigger places. But we stuck and there must be a lot of dead alliances because all newbies are happy to find an active.
Maybe a guardian lair would work but I doubt it. We battle OK solo.
One problem with a non talker refusing to War. Here’s a good Titan hitter but isn’t growing. No coms not a team player. Kick very soon. Would rather an eager but weaker.
Which was part of my problem as leader. How to get people talking. Still dint know. Just point out we are a year old and ask us.
I got hope once this kick been done.


Well, I guess one of the benefits of migrating was that it forced some people to actually read the chat, even if it was just 'where has everyone gone ? ’



My alliance started with a group leaving an inactive leaders group and a lot of new recruits (I was one) and spent a couple weeks getting up to 4/5* titans, about what the old alliance did and about what we were ready for. (Now doing 9* titans but it was much slower getting there!)

We started with one hit per player to let everybody get loot, and I don’t think it slowed us down any.

What I believe is that titan size at spawn comes from titan score (with a bit of randomness)

I’m 98% sure that titan score is based on the damage you did to prior titans, and their size…with the time of kill not going into it at all.

And either way you do it … the titan loot on those baby titans is crap, whether you spread it around or not!


New titan size is definitely decided depending how fast you kill the previous one. Their health is multiplicator of 22000 (M).

However, I don’t have exact data to say - if you kill it in 4 hours you’ll get +4 M stronger one tomorrow, however, I see that (after our member number get steady), if we kill it fast, we get bigger, if we’re slow, it grows slower or stays, or goes a bit down then a bit up, and of course, goes up and testing us how big can be hit.


I said titan SCORE isn’t a function of kill speed. It is a function of titan stars and what percentage of titan health you killed…added in and with a percentage decrease daily…

I was guessing that titan size at spawn is determined by titan score (plus randomness) … but I don’t know that.

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I quoted wrong line, you said also

What I believe is that titan size at spawn comes from titan score (with a bit of randomness)

And I said that it definitely behaves more like a function of how fast do you kill it, or if all your members manage to participate before it died and so on. So, basically titan and time to kill it decides for the next one.

It could have some RNG factor, however, it’s not certainly that big to influence general direction and prognosis of the next titan. I managed to guess exactly how much HP will next have, just based on previous and time.

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Going back to little titans would be the no. 1 reason, that we stay as is.
But the diversion to Titans brings up to things. 1. If international you have to ration the hits. We are strong in Austrolasia and Atlantic Coast America’s. Poor wee thing didn’t have time to change its watch…!
We scored a Rare Purple. 1st hit mid range player 1.2 million. What the. There were 4 of us on. Two higher players (if I include myself) our hits were very average. With two flasks and not wanting it= get healthy. I used them. 3rd highest score but most shots. I got something nice, darts or something. The rest git jack.

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Time for an update? Yes - I hear you all clamour. Please tell us what you and the indomitable @JonahTheBard have been up to, together with your awesome crew : @PhelanKell , @Kikyo and @therocketcat

Well, you only have to ask once …

Our parent alliance Guardians Reborn is on the up still. 108k alliance score and rising.
Our 2nd alliance, Guardians Ascending is also on the up and nearly full.

So we decided to add a 3rd to the group.
Guardians Academy is our most recent add, designed for the brand new player population, to allow Ascending to continue to grow with mid level players.
It is run by a couple of our alt accounts- so we have plenty of experience to share. Plenty of space still as we are only 2 days old. But growing nicely.

In other news, the most recent addition to Reborn is a regular top 100 player. By his own admission he plays a lot, then takes a break and finds a new alliance when he comes back to the game. I’m hoping we can enthuse him to stay.

But his mere presence encouraged yours truly to reach higher. I started with a goal to hit the top 100 locally (GB) - achieved that, and then carried on until I hit the heady heights of #5 locally and #57 globally!!!

So if you want to join a growing group with not 1 but 2 top 100 players in your midst - then you can’t do better than the Guardians!!


Hey, @Annieb, @JonahTheBard, or other leader, please contact me privately @ Line ID barrywuzhere [since I can’t PM here in the forums]?

When I finish my war chest in my alliance, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be taking advantage of our next pass titan, and I’d love to visit you guys in one of your alliances if you’ve got a temporary spot. (My team is happily hitting 10* titans, also 11*s but not so happy about how they one-shot my heroes. :rofl: )


This is a really great article, thank you! Our alliance is on the cusp of creating a new one. Our leader has been inactive for over 2 months and I’m currently the only co-leader. I don’t want to lose my 23 points towards the war chest, so once we either lose the next 2 or win again, I’m going to create the new Alliance.

I have absolutely no experience with Line, but I’ll read up on creating a “room?” later today.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Sole co-leader
Silver Sapients (hoping Silver Sapiens can be used for the new Alliance :grinning: )


Hi Bela, really glad it was of use to you. Here’s hoping it is a success :grinning:

Please give us a shout if you want to discuss anything.

@Annieb @Kikyo are also Guardian leaders and active forum members.

Or grab us on Line: jb-flite and annie_br

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An update to our story. We won the last war, so it was decided the move was going to happen. We created a discord server and added it to the Alliance description.

Last night I left the only alliance I had ever been a part of. Our leader had been absent for almost 3 months. 3 of our long time elders had also gone inactive.

I created Silver Sapiens. 18 of my former alliance mates have joined. 7 remain in the former alliance, of those 7, 4 have been inactive for a while. Somewhere along the way we lost 2 :frowning:

Our 1st Titan was 3 killed in less than 10 minutes. We’re hoping to move up quickly in Titan strength! Lol

1 new person joined. We have 10 spots open but will not recruit until we have the titans we’re used to battling.

The core group seems to enjoy the discord server. We’ll keep it, but not as a requirement.

Thanks again!

Silver Sapiens