Can you message someone who raided your SH?

This may seem like a rather bizarre question but I had a guy raid me back to back last night ( he lost both). He has a pretty good team with Proteus, Wilbur and Li, but is using Friar Tuck as his tank. I imagine I’m a province boss since he hit me back to back? But is there any way I can message him to give him tips on his lineup? I feel rather bad as he seems to be very new and could use some advice? Weird right, want to give a guy advice to beat my defense :joy::joy:


Only if you leave your ally and join his.


I don’t think that’s strange. We once fought a Greek alliance in war and their strategy was so poor we actually felt bad for them.

One of our Greek speaking players reached out to them through the foreign language category and offered them some tips.

Sometimes you just gotta lend a helping hand :sunglasses:


Well thanks, wish I could help him out a bit. Appreciate the reply.


Thank you @princess1. He lost a decent amount of cups too, I’d lower my defense but then I’d be a target. Thanks for understanding my dilemma. Have a great day!

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I think there are good reasons that you can’t do this.

Like most times in life, most people are well intentioned and nice, but there are people who might:

  • Insult the raider for raiding them
  • say something inappropriate
  • be misinterpreted
  • use this private message in ways that spam or otherwise annoy

As much as you’d like to help, other times with this ability in other hands, it could work out badly (I’m looking at you, the recent poster who swore repeatedly about being raided by another player, on this forum)


@Infinite, I rather thought this might be the case. Shame their are so many trolls around. Although I still firmly believe the good outweighs the bad by a wide margin.

Thanks for your very valid reasoning. It’s appreciated.


Absolutely agree that the good outweighs the bad. The problem is that the bad still exists, even though it is a very small percentage of this community, and the larger community in general, so you have to cater for it. I think they have the balance right in the game in this area

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P.S I saw the “censored” post you mentioned. Some people really don’t like to lose huh? :joy::joy:


Not sure if you’re familiar with “Streetcar Named Desire”, the movie version with Marlon Brando. Myself and alliance mates picture the poster of that yelling the user name at the top of the lungs like “Stella!”.

That guy who posted it was so far out of line it became hilarious


I feel like if it were available, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from challenging this. :man_shrugging:
I’m sure I’m not alone, so it’s probably for the best.

Lmao, oh yes! That paints the perfect picture in my mind. Makes it even funnier!! Thanks for a good morning conversation!

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You need to add a lot of aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhs at the end :joy::rofl::smiley:

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I applaud your idea. In Book of Heroes I would often give opponents PvP tips ( it had live PvP ).

But it also lead to a lot of harassment.


One way this could work is if forum mentions pinged non forum users.

Then you could post help on the forum and the user would get an in game notification.

Would have to have an opt out option for very popular forum users like @zephyr1 and @Kerridoc


The forums run on Discourse software, with wholly separate logins. I seriously doubt that there is any way to run a cross-platform messaging system between the forums and the game. My username happens to be the same in both, but someone like Zero’s differ. It would get very complicated fast.


I doubt the Devs would spend developer cycles on this, but it is actually not that hard to do. Depending on the API in the game client and the API in it may be trivial amount of cycles or a significant amount of cycles, but not like re inventing Elo’s matching idea ( which the Devs attempted to do at least twice ). Book of Heroes linked game clients and forum accounts.


Great idea but as @Kerridoc said, that would probably become a jumble of different names and confused players. I didn’t consider the name difference myself.

Shame though, I honestly just wanted to give the guy some tips. Just moving his existing team around would have given him a very good shot at taking out my D.

I see no easy way to implement something like that without players dubious character using it to belittle or create chaos.

Thanks for the discourse however. I always welcome any suggestions or advice from @Gryphonknight or @Kerridoc

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@Gryphonknight, that’s a great point and could be helpful to many. I just know from my time in different games that the trolls are more vocal while the good ones tend to have the smallest voice.

I’d hate to see a good thing turned into a way to bully or disparage new players, or just gloat over a lopsided victory.



One way around this is cards ( like Habitica uses. see notes )

PvP replays

Another way that Book of Heroes did this was to allow PvP replays in PvP global chat and alliance chat. I could post a replay with a small commentary to PvP global chat demonstrating how Boldtusk’s Revive synergistically worked with his special skill Heal and everyone who read PvP global chat would learn from the replay and my commnets.

Bug reports

Posting PvP replays in PvP global chat was also great for cutting down on the number of false bug reports and actually solving legit bugs.

This would require PvP replays first, so I do not expect the Devs to introduce it. But there are multiple ways to at least reduce the troll problem.


( [Stub] Notifications & Cards )

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That could work and would be very helpful in the case on hand.

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