Can you help make sense of this?

I am a relatively new player and my hero roster is a mess or maybe it’s okay and I’m not sure where to go.

Who do I keep? How would you level them? Who and how would you set up your defense, attack, farm, etc?

I’ve done a ton of reading on this and I find myself getting more and more confused which ultimately leads me to spending more money, LOL! I can say it hasn’t me done a lot of good though because I’ve had my rear kicked by others with “common” 3* heroes!

Being that I am new I haven’t fought in wars, raids I’m probably 50/50 right now, and I’m not in an alliance so titans aren’t option. So, for the time being, I’m not sure which way I want to head. I’d just like to be able to better defend my base and attack with force.

Here’s what I have:
5* Heroes:

Purple - Quintus (1.37)
Blue - Isarnia (1.36)

4* Heroes:

Caedmon x 2 (2.46 and 1.1)
Kashhrek (1.1) Just got this one

Sumle (2.39) Have had him the longest
Gormek (1.40) Had him a couple of days
Boldtusk (1.12) Just got him

Kiril (2.10)
Boril (1.26)

Chao (1.33)
Li Xiu x 2 (1.30 and 1.1)
Wu Kong (1.1)
Hu Tao (1.1)

Tiburtus (2.11)
Rigard (1.34)
Stonecleave (1.1)
Sabina (1.6)

3* Heroes:

By-ulf (1.12)
Belith (1.1)

Nordri (1.10)
Chick Jr. (1.1)
Gunnar (1.1)

Bjorn (1.9)

Kvasir (1.6)
Gan Ju (1.1)
Bane (1.1)

Ei-Dunn (1.1)
Squire Rabbit (1.1)

I have no problem feeding 3* heroes to my 4’s and 5’s. Truth be told I have no problem feeding 4* heroes to other 4’s and 5’s. I have 190 recruits in training, one TC at 10 and stronghold is at 12.

Which way do I take this mess? Thank you for any thoughts, inputs, suggestions you have! I greatly appreciate your time and the information!

Other will find you some good resources, but in general, I’d say your primary problem right now is that you aren’t focusing on 3* heroes. At this point in the game, you should build a solid group of 3* that you can use to compete in Rare events, which will in turn get you mats you will need later when you are better able to work on 4* heroes, and then 5* heroes.

If you are that new and don’t have a solid group of Level 3-50 of 3* heroes, then I would suggest you stop leveling up your 4* and 5* and work on some good 3* heroes and you will find the game much easier to then continue to advance. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


My opinion is to take one of each color of 4 star heroes to the max; it doesnt really matter which ones as long as yo have a healer.

You cant understand how good combos are good if you never had experience with bad combos. Once you play around a bot with your first set of rainbow 4s, you can start focusing on synergies; youll start seeing that i might want a def down hero, or a dispeller to stop riposte heroes. Etc.

Also, join an alliance. Fight titans and aw. Its a huge part of the game and very rewarding. As the A+ titan guy who tops his alliances aw and titan chart every single time, i dont mind if our newer members dont hit ad hard as i do at all. Im just happy if there are any active members at all.

Also, i STRONGLY disagree with anyone who says you should work on 3 stars first. 3 stars are NOT a priority. It makes sense to work on 4 stars before 5 stars, but you dont want to extrapolate that all the way down.

Focusing on 3 stars significant lowers your ability to finish maps, reach atlantis, valhalla, and all of the free coins that gives.

And you can easily max a 3 star team in the future once you have a set of max rainbow 4s.

You want at least 2 rainbow 3* teams(you can max them fast and they will be usefull for long time)
Very important thing, feed green heroes by greens, red by reds etc. etc.

Belith and By-ulf are both great, max them

Nordri and Gunnar (I will also max Chicken)

Bjorn is good, hunt Baltazzar or Tyrum

Kvasir and Bane

RED 3*
Ei-dunn and Wabbit

Rigard -> Tibs

Wu -> Li-Xiu

Kiril -> Boril

Boldtusk -> Gormek

Caedmon -> Kash

Don’t care about 5* now, they cost much more than 4* and need much more time


Listen to Fizban and Radar!

The 3* together with one or 2 4* will give you the flexibility for different tasks early on.
If you join an alliance you need 30 war worthy heros as fast as possible!
The 4* ( especially healers ) you will use for a very long time!
Unfortunately Kashreck is a one trick pony ( tank ) He is an excellent tank up to loe platinum league.
Since offense is so much more important than defense think twice if you want to invest into Kash.

Wish you best of luck with the game and most importantly have fun!!! :smile:

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You shouldnt completely sacrifice your own growth for a small marginal benefit to a couple of AWs max before it becomes a negative; 4 star teams can make a dent in most teams, 3 star teams are mostly useless at the mid tier alliance wars or higher.

And youll have the flexibility of being frustrated at not being able to complete stages and quests no matter which teams you use, because your tp is just not high enough.

A fully levelled 3 star team just isnt able to complete last stage of rare quests for example for that important AM mat. At least not without high level battle items you do t have access to. a team of 3/60 4 stars can, however.

@gunny_badger, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and their experienceshapes it. That being said i would caution you on focusing on 4*s before 3s. Many of the top players will advocate for 2-3 rainbow teams of 3s before moving to 4s and then 2-3 teams of 4s before 5s. The reason being that collecting the necessary mats takes forever. If you wait to max the 4s and 5s you will have the mats you need and the resources in your base to produce feeders at a rate that will put your current efforts to shame.

This game is a marathon. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and I will still level up new 3*s, especially ones that have new or unique ways of affecting their teammates. My leveling “bench” has 9 heros: 2 5s, 3 4s, and 4 3s. Those 3s are close to being my last ones worked on for now and will give me over 60 maxed 3s. Those 60 are complemented by another 75 maxed 4s and 5s. If you are in the game for the long haul you’ll wind up maxing all of your wanted heros, no matter the star level.

Don’t use your 3s and 4s as feeders. There are diminishing returns on the amount of xp you receive and if you don’t spend much duplicate 4*s are great for expanding your war bench.

Finally, join an alliance. There are many great teaching alliances, do a search of the forums and find one. If you don’t fit in, move to another one. Find an alliance that helps you learn and helps you understand the game better.


Focus on 3* right now. Get 2-3 teams of 3* maxed and you can get through the majority of Season 1. 3* are quick to max and only use materials that you can get from the map stages. If you start on 4* too soon you will be stalled waiting for the mats to max them and they take much longer to max than 3*. 5* are again that much harder and longer to max than 4*.

As for the 3* to work on, that is often a personal choice. You should work on the healers, Belith and Hawkmoon (when you get her). By-Ulf and Gunnar are good support heroes who make your team stronger. Bane is a good fast sniper. In general, the S3 heroes are probably better than the S1 heroes, but they seem to be mainly support heroes. Other good S1 sniper heroes to watch out for are Balthazar, Tyrum, Berden.

Try out different combinations of your heroes in teams to see how they work together. That helps you to be a better player.


I fully understand the desire for new players to max their heroes from the top down. That’s what a lot of players do.
However, if you are in this game for the long run you need to treat it as a marathon race rather than a sprint.
Start of by building 3 x 3 star rainbow teams first. Then move to 4 x 4 star rainbow teams before you look at your 5 star.
These heroes will get you the mats to build depth to your roster.
Personally, I wouldnt feed any 3 star or 4 star heroes until you have at least five good heroes in each colour.
From your list of 3 star I would max them all. Start with your red heroes first then move to blue. Then any colour thereafter.
All your 4 star are good and worth maxing. You will need six healers for your war teams. So look at those as a priority.
Then you need tanks like Boldtusk, Boril, Li Xiu and Kashhrek.
But to be honest, if I was you, I would join a good teaching alliance to get support, advice and guidance from experienced players.
Good luck


Since im New aswell (1Month Playtime), for the Map i used till 8-7 3*, then summoned and got a bunch of 4* and 5*, i leveled the 4* to 3/60 and completed S1 and S2 im right now on 11-x normal Mode.

I leveled now some 3* but i have basically no Use for them, for War it doesnt really Help against all those good teams and against the bad teams everything works.

For the Event i had only 3 3/50 and couldnt do much, for Tourneys its okay.

So Imo, i have no Clue why WE need 3x3* Rainbow teams, my suggestion is work on ur 4* they make a lot possible and After u got ur First 4* Team done or wait for AMs, u can Level the 3* that are recommended.

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Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your time and the information. I knew I’d get a lot of varying opinions on the subject (I read a lot of similar posts prior to posting mine). While everyone’s roster is a little different, I was looking for thoughts/opinions on mine and I think I have a better starting point than the path I was headed on.

Thanks again!

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Exactly! I remember when i was learning piano, the western piani teachers would always get students to do one level a year; so their students take 5 years before taking the grade 5 RCME exam.

Meanwhile flexible people pass level 8 in one year and level 10 in 1.5 to 2 years.

The method of maxing so many sets of 3s before working on 4 star heroes is completely suboptimal both in terms of game play and in terms of having fun, because most people want to start using interesting and powerful heroes as soon as possible.

Theres literally 0 benefit in maxing 3 stars, especially so many of them before 4 star heroea and a huge number of disadvantages. The big one i mentioned is not being able yo get those rare AM mats from the rare quests. And not being able to score high on titans, which means lower tier loot. And not being able to complete map stages…

Etc etc etc.

There’s literally not a single benefit, some people are just stuck in their minds thinking things have to follow a certain process.

Now working on 4 star heroes before 5 star heroes actually does make sense. But this cant and and shouldnt be continuously extrapolated downwards.

I hope youbdidnt get fooled by all of their false reasoning. It isnt harder to get a 4 star hero to the strength of a 3/50 3 star hero; the only thing is that with the 4 star hero, you can level past that as soon as you have the mats.

And having 4 star heroes at 3/60 or 4th ascension helps a lot in securing those AM mats in the first place.

I am working on 3 star heroes too, i have 5 maxed 3 star heroes of each color, and in some cases, i have 7 or 8. But guess what? That comes AFTER you have a good basic team 1 that can get you through all of the stages and events.

Working on 3 star heroes is a luxury, for players who are already past a certain level.

If younarent sure whether youll be a big paying player, you wont even have the space to keep so many sets of heroes like those other people are planning.

I am serious. There is literally not a single benefit to working on 3 star heroes first.

If you reach a bottleneck in AM mats when working on a set of 4s, you can always go back to 3 star heroes for a while until you get the mats.

I challenge anyone to come up with a logical rrason to work on 3s before 4s. Other than appeals to authority, because thats what other players are suggesting.

I partly agree with @omg I wouldn’t say focus entirely on 4 stars, but for the start one 3 star rainbow team (+ maybe one or two heroes more) is enough. But then 4 stars get important very soon, cause you want to be able to finish all quests etc.

Later, when you have a deeper bench, you can focus on 3* again to improve your tournament and event rankings.

But with the 5* I would really wait until you have a bench of 4* leveled. You need about twice the resources to level a 5* compared to 4*. So focusing on 4 stars will help you to gain a wide bench of useful heroes faster.

I’d recommend to level first: Belith, Bjorn, Ei Dunn, Nordri, Bane (and maybe Kvasir)

About your 4 stars:
First yellow Wu Kong, after that either Li Xiu or Chao
Green: Caedmon
Blue: Kiril
Red: Boldtusk or Gormek (BT is better, but you also have Kiril and Rigard as healers)
Purple: Tiburtus or Rigard (depending on which red you level)

I would give low priority to Hu Tao, Stonecleave, Kasshrek and only level them if you don’t have anything better in that color.

Because color stacking the right heroes means you can punch much above what the TP indicates you should be able to beat. I only have 12 maxed 4*s and another 12 at 3/60, so for my last war flag I’m forced to run a team of 3s. But if I pick the right opponent and stack appropriately (and get an at least average board), I can usually take out the tank and do some serious damage to the flanks before getting wiped out.

If you don’t care about wars, then you need a good selection of 3* heroes for the monthly challenge events. The tier completion rewards always include a 3* ascension item and some emblems and are just too valuable to pass up on. As you mentioned, you couldn’t complete it because you only had three 3* at 3/50, I think you’re seriously missing out and are just slowing down your own progress.

Some 3*s also have unique abilities not found anywhere else in the game eg Brienne’s costume turns her into a mini Athena but is def down to all so even better. Nordri is one of only two blue elemental debuffers, the other being King Arthur, a legendary event hero so good luck trying to summon him.

Anyways, I’m not advocating to ignore your 4* in favor of leveling only your 3* heroes, but simply pointing out 3* heroes do have a place in this game, and definitely shouldn’t be ignored once you have built a good “core roster” of 4* heroes. For the record I have 21 maxed 3*s and I don’t plan on stopping until I have 5 rainbow teams (or put it another way, can run mono in each color).


There’s something you should keep in mind and why you should start with 3* heroes first. Not only are they faster to level up and provide war teams, but there are raid tournaments and challenges that only allow 3* heroes. These tend to be challenges that you can complete with a decent set of 3* heroes and provide some decent loot.

Don’t feed your leveled 3* heroes (unless they are duplicates) as these challenges and raid tournaments happen on a regular basis.

If you concentrate on the 4* heroes, you’ll likely not be able to complete the epic challenges as you probably won’t have them ascended, due to lack of ascension materials.

You should also join an alliance as titans are a good source of ascension materials and other loot. Not too mention the fact that for the Path of Valor, you’ll need the points from titans and war flags.


So, for Wars u need the right Enemy to play Mono Colour AND a average Board, guess what…when i Raid 4/1or 3/2 i get like 3 tiles to work with, nothing get charged up and the Enemy slowly Pokes me Down,i thought oh ye “bad boards” Happen, but it Happen fairly often, so not a real guarantee and as a newbie, Wars arent that important for Starter Alliances, they do it,they try best and Result is what it is.

Well i have not really a Clue if the only 3* was this wonderworld Event or not but at that Time i was like 2 weeks in the Game and even if i would tryhard making the 3* i didnt even had a solid rainbow Team. There was a “rare/epic/legend” thingon this Event and even if i did it to Last stage the Reward based on my Score would be 1 some 2* Mats which idc.

Then there was a Tier 1(easy)/2(normal)/3 Event where u could get 4* AM and 3* AM and Emblems if u reached Tier 3 10-20 where the “shiny” loot was,i managed with 2800 tp to make it till T3-15 where was 4500 tp recommended.

Emblems are Class based or not? If u Talk about the random quest that pops up, which is 2500tp req.and 3500tp req. and Last is available at lvl 30.

In tourneys even my maxed 3* get oneshotted, guess what, they also have emblems on their.
Needless to say i Managed one tourney get top 5% im pretty sure it was something rush with green locked Idk, but it was done by my 4* Team.

I dont say, skip those 3*, i just say dont stick on them till u got ur rainbow Team done x3, especially if u feed by colours, sometimes u dont have 10 reds or Blues etc.

Yes bad boards happen, and unfortunately going 4-1 or even 3-2 tends to amplify that risk since you now have 3 off colors. For this reason my preferred formation is usually 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 so I only have 2 off colors and can at least survive the initial assault from a bad board.

I’m referring to the tier completion rewards that are given out if you complete that particular tier. You do NOT need to achieve any ranking to obtain those rewards, simply completing the last stage will unlock those rewards. And they always include a 3* item for the rare tier.

You’re talking about the seasonal Springvale event right? Yes the advanced tier is quite difficult, but can be managed with only 4s if you have the right setup. I completed the last stage with a 4500 TP recommendation with four 4s and a Telluria at 3/70. TP was around 3700 I believe. The team I used was Mist+6, Proteus+9, Dapper Rigard, Telluria 3/70, Grimm+11

And yes the class quests are those that only allows specific hero classes. Those are the ones that give you emblems. The TP recommendations are wildly over exaggerated - I’ve successfully completed them with a TP of 700 below the recommendation. Did have to use battle items but that’s what they’re for.

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Raid tournaments happen every week and have various restrictions; for example the one that’s just closed only allowed 3* but no green. Challenge events happen every month and have one tier that’s just for 3*. These are both excellent sources of materials that you will need going forward. You can use a 3* in a 4* event but you can’t do it the other way round. Hence, do have at least some variety of 3* handy - 3 full teams’ worth is probably overdoing it especially at the early stage. However, if you have a decent 4* that fills a particular function you need then you may as well push that forward as well. You’ll be mixing and matching levels and colours for a long while yet.

Absolutely do leave the 5* untouched for a while though, no-one is trying to kid you or hold you back with that advice. Most 5* don’t come into their own until they are fully maxed, which takes a long time and a LOT of resources. Just throw them some spare feeders once in a while if you enjoy progressing them. Actually you can do several map levels and the lower tiers of regular quests with completely unlevelled 5*, to get a feel of how they work, and because variety is a lot more fun than a long slog :slight_smile:

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Lots of good advice that I agree with… focus on the good 3*, then 4* and wait until you have the mats for 5*.
My only other comment is a question (!)
Are you in an alliance where people can give you advice? That is also helpful
Good luck


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