Can you have multiple game accounts on iOS on an iPhone or iPad?

A question: who plays with Iphone (and therefore with iOS) can have only one account or can you create others?
If so, I would be grateful if you pointed out the procedure for creating a second account id.
Thank you! :wink:

Yes, you can play multiple accounts on one iPhone or iPad.

  • create a new Apple account
  • hard quit E&P (double-click then up-swipe to clear it from memory)
  • in Settings/Game Center, log into that new Apple ID (small text link at the bottom of the page)
  • open E&P

You would have to create a second apple and game center id, start the game with this new id, and let the new account save it. It is necessary to log out of game center and log in again with whichever account you want to access. Be aware that Small Giants do not support second accounts, and 2 accounts in the same device is risky.


Why 2 accounts in the same device is risky?

AIt’s not supported, but I haven’t had any issues. I have shifted to the simpler approach of playing my main account on my iPad and my alt on my iPhone, simply to avoid the hassle of switching accounts.


As Branwen pointed out, SG only supports one account per player (though they will allow you to make an alt, they won’t support it if something goes wrong).

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On my “Other” MMO, I and Gryphonkit, my wife, had multiple accounts to help our alliance with titans. when in a hurry, we would sometimes accident screw up ( spend gems on the wrong account, get rid of the wrong hero, etc. ) that game had a different mechanic ( runes/ gems/ enchants to power up a character ) so customer support would give you 3 days to request a refund/ fix you mistake.

However, Empires does not give refunds for player error, best to spend some money on a refurbished, low end device, for playing the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh account ( yes, we hoard all our old device, if the battery is dead just leave it plugged in, no that won’t work with Apple terminating 32 bit CPU support ). Thank god we are in an active alliance and don’t have even a second account in Empires.

Looking for some guidance. Would like to know if it is possible and procedure to do so. Thanks, in advance.

@Poofsta I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

From above:

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Thanks, Zephyr! Are you my old friend Astral Zephyr?

You’re welcome, and no, I’m a different zephyr, apparently. :slight_smile:

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To make things easier install Bluestacks on a computer. Still requires creating multiple Google accounts but if needed you can play multiple E&P simultaneously.

iam sorry, but does all this mean, that you can not run 2 games under Iphone? i just wanted to run 2 accounts as one is not enaugh for me :slight_smile: I have all done (Atlantis, Valhalla) and there is plenty of time to run second. I do not havehowever second phone.

I have a unique problem… I have two game accounts… the first account was created intentionally a couple years ago and I’ve been playing it consistently…

Now, I did an iPad update (to iOS 14) and instead of logging into my normal account, it started me as though I was a new player… it scared me because my other account took a lot of time and effort to build! I was worried that progress was lost! Well, I played through the tutorial stage of this other account until I was finally at a point where I didn’t have to close it to get out…

Anyway, to my relief, my original account came back up and I was able to play it like I always had… The thing is, this other account, and I haven’t a clue how, why or when it will occur, will pop up instead of my main account from time to time… Since I’ve put a little effort into it, I do play it when it pops up… However, I have no control over when it pops up nor do I know when it will…

I wouldn’t mind continuing to play it, BUT I’d prefer to do it on my terms… any ideas on how this is possible? Is there a danger to my main/original account as well? ANY HELP on the matter is greatly appreciated! For the record, I play on an iPad Mini 4…

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