Can you have 2 accounts on the same device?

Was wondering if you can have 2 different accounts on the same device

yes you can…

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More helpfully, hopefully, you can. This is how to do it. You need to generate a second Play Games of Game Centre account using (a new unique email address) or two different email addresses for two accounts. The actual app has the same serial number for both accounts but as long as you quit the app before you switch to your alt account everything is happy. Actual game play data is not stored by or in the app but in your play account (Android or IOs) so there is no actual limit to how many accounts you can have, so long as they are connected to a unique email.

Hope this makes sense; if not, ask for clarity.


Yes…also got two+Beta on one phone

Yes you can have multiple accounts on the same device

For example latest Android versions allows to create different user accounts with different apps and content

Hi all. I’m sure this has been asked before, but i’ve not been able to find a suitable answer on here just yet.
I’m trying to transfer my player account from my iphone to my kids Android device who already has E&P account as well. I’ve created the code to link a new device, and got my kid to sign of their account. But when I go to input the code on the Android device, it say ‘You will lose the following player profile:’ Will this totally wipe out my kids account? I dont want to take that risk, so I thought I’d ask the experts here. Hope someone can help me with this, thanks.

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I play two profiles on my phone. They each have different email addresses though so signing out / in is easy :thinking:.

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Have a brouse at this…

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