Can you guess the result?

Well … I got my opponent in AW.
Its intersting AW TBH …

So can you guess the result, as I am trying to test my deffy line up :thinking:

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I guess it depends how many red and green heroes they have in their roster, I would avoid your defense in AW.

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I don’t think they have good rosters.
At all … maybe the leader would have his only 1 team as the strongest team after that all they could do is attacking with 3☆ heroes.

Level 32 they could have a decent bench. The bottom of my bench is unleveled 4 stars now and I’m 32. I am capable of 6 good hits.

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For people with a bigger roster your defence will be easy peasy. But if they are weak on dispeller it might work. somehow…

Edit: a healer in each attacking team should be enough. I guess I could kill you 5-6 times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Being in a small allaince dosen’t give any AM to ascend your heroes.
I been in my alliance for about 1 month I killed about 27 titans and never got a single 3☆ AM even titan boxes never gives me nada.
So in their alliance it will ve the same.
They only have a duplicated heroes on 1 player the leader if he had better he would put in his arena def lu.
Other player has mixed 3/4☆ heroes and even not maxed nor 8/8 :smile:

Boril kashrek boril
What a boring team :wink: :smile:

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You see that :heavy_plus_sign: it means I get Hp aid with my healers ^^

All I got ^^
And it also give good results in arena

And also being in own alliance lets me test many def lus to see which is better for me. :slight_smile:

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20 caractères, …

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20 a b d f g … ect!

The opponent gets 12 flags to your 6 flags. Your team should be worth about twice the points of either of theirs. I think that max respawn is 4. Their strategy should be hit and run.

Let’s assume your team is worth 1000 points their teams 500 each (arbitrary)

My guess is that they defeat your team 3 times for 3000 points (I think it could be 4 if they are ready at start of war). They can hit weak, weak, strong.

Their TP should be roughly half of yours (based on pairings). I think you would have to win with every one of your flags. If they know what they are doing my money is on the opponent with 12 flags. Relative score 3:2 (if they aren’t smart enough to run you win)

Interested in seeing the outcome. Please post the battle log.

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Sadly my team only worth 1500 points.
No matter if I add 4☆ or lv1 1☆ heroes.
But if they will earn more for hitting 1 team only it wont be fair … it will be like they hace more score to earn and more flags to hit !
@Rook keep an eye here … maybe it will be some new cause for staff and Nods to look for.

I will hit later in the last 3 hours.
With the result by my eyes with all the flags ready to see how it goes.
For respawns in previous war It was 6
When ever you kill it just respawn. Dunno about 2 as opponent allie. Will see …

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if pairing logic fails at lowest Alliance member levels.

Oops totally forgot that respawn is immeadiate if all your teams are dead. Your team will pop back up every time they beat it. You are going to have to give it more thought if their teams aren’t balanced.

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You could probably gain more points by attacking the higher point team and not clearing the small team. Let the big team come back naturally.

Hour 0: Kill big team (900 or so points)
Hour 4: Kill big team (900)
Hour 12: Kill big team (900)
Hour 12: Kill Small team (600)
Hour 12: Kill big team (900)
Hour 12: Kill Small team (600)
Total: 4800

Then see if the timer resets to kill the big team 2 more times or 1 more time. If you just kill them both and reset them at the end you will be capped at 4500 points

Edit: This is assuming both of your opponents have opted in and will field a team. It could be 1v1 if the other team is inactive/opted out.


All speculations. Maybe the weak guy opted out and it’s just a 1v1?

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Nope he is active sadly xD

How can you know if he opted out?

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Cause he is active ingame !
Why would he opt out?