Can you explain this?

Kadillen gives you 74% more defence against special skills. So how come can joon still doing 880 damage if aj have buff from kadilen? And it was now not purple hero but red. Santa. Fully leveled fir defence.

Could he have been using a Ninja troop ?

There are lots of things that can come into play, heroes on defence do more damage than heroes on offence, if there is a ninja troop on any hero they have a chance to bypass defensive buffs (including Kadilen’s defence vs special skills) and no doubt many other things i haven’t mentioned. Those that have the spreadsheet which calculates damage based on atk, def and special skill could break down if this is in the normal range (there is a random multiplier in the formula so it isn’t always the same)

And just checked he has troops lv. 14 non ninja.

I’ve seen big snipers on defense, and Joon has a big snipe, hit for 1000-1200

The defense boost isn’t that linear as a reduction of damage. Sounds about right to me given defense bonuses

Color doesn’t matter for special skills.

And 74% defense increase doesn’t mean 74% less damage. You should probably read Damage Calculation


He deals more damage on defense, especially if costumed. 74% defence vs specials doesn’t mean the special is only going to do 26% damage though, there’s more factors at plan than that.

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