Can you create one event with FOUR AND FIVE STAR without S1 heroes and without 3 stars heroes!?

Why don’t you create an event with ONLY FOUR AND FIVE STAR Heroes [without S1 heroes] and without 3 stars heroes!?!?

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It’s not profitable, easy.


Not saying it’s a bad idea :bulb: but more events? Nooooo. I’d rather see an event tweaked rather than more content besides what’s in the horizon.


challenge festival gets half of your request. They also could do it and change gem cost to say 2000. Otherwise, Theo said it correctly

If you can show SG a way how to make money with such an idea, they will do it tomorrow…

But in reality you will have to just stick to the 2 challenge festivals :slight_smile: At least that is what I do most of the time…

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They hide the true costs of what you want from summons by using math. Math people don’t readily understand. They look at the costs as “300 gems” for a “chance” and think that’s how much a hero is going to cost them. Your portal would likely cost the same amount as the ones we have, just in higher cost per chance. They’d do the math. You would end up with the same results and complain about it. That’s what people do. They demand what they want and complain when they get it.

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I think is SG would do an event portal like this, then it will be gem only portal, and 1 pull would be 4-5000 gems to compensate the loss of the 3 star and Season 1 heroes.

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Can they? Absolutely. Will they? Absolutely not. There’s probably a good reason that they have not. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I think that’s about 20 characters…

If anything, your request just strengthens SGG beliefs that they are on the right course of action

From their perspective, they are. They’re profitable. Gacha is well studied. It’s not a new thing. It’s likely as old as the concept of currency.

“This sounds like an awesome idea, but unfortunately it is not a priority right now” - design/dev team, probably.

This is the best answer to most things one is wondering about in terms of “Why not spend more time on xx to increase player happiness?”

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I am always up for new events that make a change and include something different especially if QOL is in the mix.

But with the proposed new buff Superior Tallent, family bonus and extra new costumes that S1 heroes will be getting ….I doubt it’s going to be a priority for SG/Zinga to develop something that excludes S1 heroes…

But well worth consideration

In general, I would love if they got rid of S1 heroes from a good chunk of these pools that they keep adding, but if we’re going to start treating 3* heroes like the 1* and 2* heroes, then I wouldn’t want the event to exist at all. By that point, dump them into Hero Academy or Training Camps and move on.

No more new events pls. They’re not engaging/worth the wasted mats and items for common herbs and Graymane. TC20 already gives me the same 4 3* heroes anyway without needing to spend 10/100 coins after every 5 to 20 stages.

People should also realize that these events, even hypothetical ones, are targeted at players in different stages of their development. Some are building a roster. Some are fine with the roster they have. Others are just starting out. I’m probably missing a few of them too. The company needs to figure out how to get money out of each group… not just focus on the one you’re currently in.