Can you add greek language on forum?

Hello ppl im from greece and i’ d love to talk with greek ppl that i think are many in game so can you add greek section on foreign languages?
Thank you

The #foreign-languages section isn’t divided up by language, but you’re welcome to post in Greek in that section. :slight_smile:

I’ve also moved your post to #ideas-feature-requests so other people can potentially vote on it in support.

Dear gamo ton antixristo SAS. Why lettering all on England. Many many kids haven’t now good England can anterstant letter Greek tosa lefta pernete

Ah, ok. I’ve seen a couple of your posts. I think your complaining about the lack of Greek language support.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn I think there’s a number of threads requesting similar?

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Merged. Thanks :heart_decoration:

Presuming the poster is referring to the forum, not the game. I have no idea if Greek is a supported language in game or not…

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Yes my friend

Στάλθηκε από το Ταχυδρομείο Yahoo σε Android

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I suggest to put inside to game the Greek language, many Greek players not us English language very well thanks

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Και εγώ από Ελλάδα θέλουμε Ελληνικα!
Ι’m also from Greece and i will like to see Greek language

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Ελληνικά Ελληνικά !!! Great idea.

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