Can you add an option to withdraw from 2* Tournaments? It's taking up 5 slots of feeders for a week

Hi SG, serious question, can you have an option to withdraw from 2*(or 1*) Tournaments? It’s taking up 5 slots of feeders for a week. That’s precious slots that you cannot use from your limited capacity while the event is on. That’s a lot of days wasted.

Currently, you can’t opt out or reduce the number of heroes participating. That’s disadvantageous to newer players with limited hero capacity. And don’t get me started from the fact that you should(?) level up heroes to be competitive during the event. Which again requires more slots to feed these (feeder) heroes. And basically it’s rng from that point, with even limited chance of even winning from big players.

Players generally make a quick read before clicking Join, and it shouldn’t take a lot of time to decide. Tournaments happen weekly, , so it really doesn’t seem like a big deal. So now the issue here is upon trying to build your defense, you encounter these kinds of problems.

Normally you wouldn’t have to opt out of tournaments because it won’t negatively impact your gameplay elsewhere. But it’s a valid concern for people conserving their resources.

I understand this issue would not affect players with vast inventory space, players with already leveled heroes or have the capacity to do so, and players losing 5 slots of feeders for a week isn’t a big deal.

I hope this can seriously be thought of next time if there are 1*/2* events in the future. Saying this constructively. Thanks and hope to hear more feedback on this.

Edit: Thanks for the votes and voicing your concerns and sharing your feedback on this.

I hope people wouldn’t downplay this as just complaining. It’s a valid issue for some, and i think it’s worth a discussion to avoid negative user experience in the game.

Happy gaming everyone.

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I 100% understand your frustration and also treasure those 5 slots in my inventory. But it is possible to simply not join the tournament at all (read opt out)

Unfortunately once you have joined, I know of no way to undo that decision once you realise the consequences :frowning:


I’d love to see a “Withdraw” option for those of us that join by accident. I know of several players, including me, that did that this morning


Would be a nice option, but my 5 Aifes are already locked in and not going anywhere.

I was just going to feed them to my Skittleskull anyway, so I don’t think I’m missing much. :grin: Worth it just for the laughs.

But in all seriousness, I can see how this would be a problem for players with limited hero storage space.


I am usually in the top 75% or bottom 25%, I would be on the floor laughing if I am top 25% somehow this time with only 2* unlevelled lol.

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Haha i did the same thing. So im going to lose my first 5 matches tomorrow on purpose, i hope that works.


Feel free to kill my Aifes, if you think you can. She’s pretty tough! :grin:

I don’t have any leveled 1s or 2s, and I don’t plan to level any. This tournament is all yours. I just put the defense team up for fun. I probably won’t even do any attacks.

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I will do the attacks PURELY because they count towards your 40 Heroes Chest Kills - so worth it for that reason alone :smiley:


Of course, but it only counts if you actually kill the heroes. Who knows, though? 5 unleveled Aifes might actually be able to take out a team of emblemed 3/40 2* :grin:

Yes… I’d really love to be able to opt out.

I clicked join first without looking… only to realize its for 2*s only.


This is exactly my only use for all the raid tourneys , extra flags for the hero chests.

I did 4 Sharons, with Bran at tank. None leveled but 4 healers at v fast:)

Yeah I just realized you can’t undo upon joining. I regularly join tournaments, even if I don’t win just for the experience. This totally caught me (and a lot) offguard. Makes me scared of joining Tournaments right away, and maybe read the forum first before regretting.

A suggestion maybe they is that they put the star rating / restrictions before clicking Join. At least players would know what the mechanics is before joining, not after.

And yeah, a Withdraw button if possible, even just before the start of the Tournament Day. Alliance Wars has that right? You can uncheck the box if you don’t want to participate.

I think it’s really not our fault. I read the description and it says no 2* restriction before joining. You only know that after. Which feels somewhat unfair.

I hope the mods and staff here would consider these feedback. Things like these negatively impact user experience.


Before a tournament starts, there should be an option to leave. Normally it wouldn’t be needed, but this 2* tournament I accidentally signed up for is clogging up my roster.


Yeah. I normally join tournaments, regardless of outcome. But i think this is an exception, because of 1*/2* are feeders and you allocate a certain number in your (limited and precious) inventory. So I think this is a valid issue to raise.

Anyway let’s just see how this week goes. Might have to wait out this week before leveling up my heroes as before.

I try to break top 50% or 25%, if I can. Never even came close to top 10%. Who know what this week results are? Fair game for everyone.

I’m not really sure if these favor low level players. But maybe a bit, who knows?

Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us? Will top players give us a chance? Lol so curious on what this week’s outcome will be.

If we actually manage to kill them. Rng is strong on this one

Yeah maybe that’s just it. The loot sucks. Plus the inconvenience of ruining your roster. They better give better incentives

This is really the first time I’m seeing strategies for 2* heroes. Maybe lots of videos coming out soon lol

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If your talking strategy or posting your 2* tourney team you’ve totally failed at this game. If you emblemed any heroes for this you should hide in shame. This screams I cant compete so let me the biggest fish in the kindergarten class.

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Now your gonna get the best boards ever! Haha! :wink:

i would rather see a vote to get rid of 1* and 2* tournaments


Hahaha. I’d definitely vote for that.

But if they still pursue these kinds of events, at least we can opt out, and better avoid them completely.


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