Can we rework the mana 4 star troop?

That troop is mostly worthless compared to it’s counterpart for the average player. Can we reowrk it some it actually matches what its counterpart offers? I’m totally fine with removing the stat alltogether for something more useful like just health bonus.

While I agree that the 4* crit troop is better for general use, the 4* mana troop has some very powerful uses that I would not want to change. First, it is very good on defense since your heroes charge mana in smaller increments, so any scaling increaase is more impactful. Second, there are a number of cut points where the mana troop will reduce the number of tiles required to charge a special by a whole tile. This is discussed in greater detail in another post, but for example, at level 11 the mana troop will let very fast mana heroes charge their special with 6 tiles, vastly increasing their power. While this only applies to Jackal at the moment, at least one future HotM has very fast mana, and there are more cut points as the troop levels.


I’m just saying let’s make it a bit more useful than level it up to level 11 so it can be useful for Jackal. Not to mention how much those troop eat. If you are free to play (I’m not) the game will be dead before you can use it for anything else than Jackal at best - this is stupid design.


I’ve thought about this as well. My idea would be to change it to a %chance for +1 tile worth of mana on each tile. However, this obviously wouldn’t work on defense and having two different mechanics on offense vs defense might be too confusing. Obviously the %chance would have to be tweaked for balance, but I think it would make the troops more useful at every level rather than only useful at certain high level breakpoints.

Or just make those points lower and something for the players to look for - like Level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 from Very fast to Very Slow. I think that might work.

Maybe they could just add half percents to the mana boost at certain levels? Should be a simple fix and spread out the breakpoints enough. Does anyone know if each stat only increases when shown? Or does each stat partially increase each level but just isn’t shown due to rounding?

Troop leveling was designed for end-game players.

Health bonus > mana regen? No, not even close.

I detailed the math out in another topic and beat it to death with Wif and others; however, the mana troops got additional life breathed into them even at level 1 when facing Guin… so no, while I agree a small increase of the mana regen bonus would be warranted potentially, reworking it entirely by getting rid of the stat:

Absolutely and unequivocally not.

Hmmm, I see your point. Maybe a rework within the leveling itself?

I think removing the %increases that basically do nothing, and keeping only those that matter. Those levels that would be removed could be substituted with one of the other 3 stats. So in the end the percentage increase will be kept for the levels that actually improve the mana for the heroes, but the rest will be substituted. E.g. - if It increases to a tile at troop level 12, it will still do so at level 12, but for all the other levels between 1 and 12, the levels that do the percentage increases will be substituted with other of the stats? Does that sound OK?

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