Can we put Zeline back please

I always thought Zeline’s special skill was appropriately named “Emerald Flash” :blush:

Maybe SG will change it’s name to something else, like “Emerald Brief”?


In my imagination, Sartana goes home after a long, hard day slaughtering the local wildlife for scraps. She takes off her stilettos first, then her makeup (with reusable makeup wipes made from yeti fur swatches, because she believes in in the war on waste) and then changes into an old pair of comfy sweatpants and has a glass of wine on the sofa with her cat.

I vote for a meek and mild cat lady sartana skin/costume when those come out.


Most likely due to the mentioning of nazi feminists and gays… That kind of stuff can be triggering for sure

Hope they just chalk it up to a bad joke and you keep your forum and beta accounts

Best of luck

And ffs no more discriminating posts… That kind of stuff really has no place in any platform

Friends may make those sorta jokes amongst friends and be fine.(i make gay jokes around my gay friends all the time even tho I’m 100% straight and they laugh it off cause they know I’m joking) But making those sorta jokes on a forum or other media that is open to the general public is just a bad idea and no good can come from it


Who the bleep flagged this?? Ppl have ZERO sense of humor… he looks like a robot ffs


That’s awesome :grin:

A quick reminder to READ the Forum Rules and then follow them. Thanks y’all!

This whole thread is skating awfully close to a closure. :wink:


They cant get a raid tournament straight but they have time to put volleyball shorts on Zeline…well done SG lol


Lol well sadly there was probably actually more complaints about her than the raid tournament

Just an idea of how clouded people’s focus really is in this game


I ain’t gonna lie. I am a bit of a prude so I’m ok with the Zeline edit. I don’t have Zeline but if I had pulled her I prob wouldn’t have used her even tho she is rated very well.

But I also didn’t go complain either. Each to their own. Some peeps like nakey toons lol.

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ugh Twenty :facepalms:

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I’m pretty sure they don’t have the programmers doing artwork. So I’m guessing they are working on both in parallel :wink:

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Why that? They release sexy heroes and therefore they have to stand sexy discussions about them, eh?

Splatter and Violence won’t be flagged, but the word naked? That’s sth typical American imo…


The funny thing is, by putting panties on Zeline SG confirmed she wasn’t wearing anything down there in the first place, lol.

Why is people in America so scared of the human body anyway? Honest question :thinking:


There are over 300 million people in America. Do you suppose they share a single opinion on anything at all? Or a single reason for the things that some of them advocate for?

Also, why would you assume that people who don’t want implied nudity in a video game are scared of that nudity?

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Just wondering why nudity gets so heavily censored in american games/media while gore and violence doesn’t get the same treatment, is all.

My english is not the best so if it sounded like I was putting all american people in the same prude bag, I apologize.


It’s an interesting question, but this isn’t an American game, so it’s not just American games.


Right, I forgot SGG is from Finland(?), my bad :sweat: :

I still want the old Zeline back tho, I can’t be the only one :smile:

I suggest for SG to also make natalya wearing jackets

To be fair…Panties didn’t come until Zynga mandated it. Is Zynga an American company?

Zynga is based in the US, though they have offices, employees, and owned subsidiaries like SGG all over the place.

It would be interesting to know whether Zeline’s design change was mandated by Zynga. Last we spoke to Tim during the AMA, Zynga hadn’t been exercising any control in hero design.

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