Can we please make 1* ingredients more common?



Hey everyone,

A growing annoyance for me is that I am always out of 1* ingredients (think large bone, crude iron stuff).
While I fully understand that some things are meant to be rare, such as 3 and 4* ascension items, I hardly believe these items should be. Actually, they should be the most common thing in the game right?

I am literally always out of the two examples above, probably more than those. In map levels I gain maybe 1 per run, if I’m lucky (yes, I do also go to the provinces with increased chances).

Wouldn’t hurt too much to crank those up a bit in the level rewards would it? doubt anyone is going round spending gems on minor mana potions.

Hope it can be considered for the next update.


Agreed, I feel like I’m constantly in need of large bones. I get them about as often as grimoire dust and that makes no sense to me.


I’m always short of adventurer kits myself trying to keep my camps running 24/7


I had the same problem. I don’t know if my solution could work for you as well, but this is how i tackled it.

Put most recruits in camp lvl 20 (I guess camp lvl 13 would also do), and spam all other camps with the lvl 11 (or lvl 4 i guess if they’re not on 11 yet) training. This doesn’t use backpacks, it just takes longer. Then when i’ve hoarded backpacks without using them for a couple of days I blast through all of them in 1 day. This can be done by freeing up 1 camp and pulling recruits from the other camps :smile:

Still always a deficit, but this makes it less annoying to me at least - hope it can help you too!


the truth. my example is i have 2600 minor healing potion and 23 minor mana potion. truth is i use mana potion more then heal potion. is resulting the unevenness but needs to be fixed. up the rate ingredients for mana potion. or add a trade station or the alchemy building so we can change like 5 hp potions for 1 mana potion etcetera.


I think I don’t use battle items enough because I always have a ton of these ingredients. What are you using them on?


I only use battle items in titan fights. Barely ever use them in the event (last weekend was the first time I used some there), don’t use them in map levels or to complete the rare quests etc.

I’d think that only using them in 1 of all the game modes should be enough to not run out (especially for the stuff that is supposed to be super common) :rofl: <- i laugh, but I really cry.


Ye, I’ve got a bone to pick with the devs here too.

Oh wait.

No I don’t D:


[also strings pls]