Can we please just stop all discussion about you-know-who?

Am I the only one totally over all the threads about nerf /buff/SG taking advantage of us/PR disaster etc?

Anyone who spends even a Little time on this forum will have read all possible arguments many times. What is different this time versus any other similar upset (and yes, there have been a few) is both the absolutely overwhelming number of posts and the vitriol.

I feel so sorry for the mods trying to keep the calm. But I also feel rather unhappy about what we are turning into as a community. Have we just all been in lockdown/semi lockdown a bit long?

Please, let’s move on and with civility and kindness


Pretty over it personally

What would you prefer to talk about?


I definitely recommend muting the busiest threads at the moment.

I’ll plug the interview series,

@guvnor - Here
@DaveCozy - Here
@Mr.Spock - Here
@Razor - Here
@ScottySG - Here
@NPNKY - Here
@NittanyLionRoar - Here
@Novo - Here
@MysterySpin - Here
@TheChef - Here
@Math4lyfe - Here
@Kikyo - Here
@BarryWuzHere -Here
@IvyTheTerrible - Here
@Pois1 - Here
@akionna - Here

The library is also great, although my own productivity has gone through the floor

but in line with @rigs - I agree the best way to move on is to produce more fun and interesting content :blush:


Adding on a link to this too: 🔔 Watching or Ignoring Hero Balance/Buff/Nerf Threads


The interview threads are pretty awesome

Blazing dawn is already toxifying that one tho


I’ve locked it now, it can still be read


Wondering if people are thinking this thread is locked…bit ambiguous Jonah

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And that’s all since i made that post?

Amen! We hear way too much about Atmos these days!

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Didnt think it was locked

Just waited for you to choose a different topic?

I’m ignoring them but looking forward to hearing feedback from Beta and Zephyr on any future tweaks. The rest is just noise and not worth my time.

Reading and rereading some of the player guides has been good too.

And recruiting is always there :laughing:


Sorry, no bright ideas! Just entertaining myself on the counting thread and looking at memes to get away from the toxicity. There are still some friendly people around…just a smaller proportion than previously


Eh it’ll thin itself out once enough rage quit and move on, then just back to the normal folks of the forum


Just what does constitute “normal” around here? :upside_down_face:

It yes, things will calm down and until then, it’s best to try and look past certain threads and posts. There are still some decent topics to be found.

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But I will argue the point till i’m bones!!! Melia (Fish Girl!) is awesome. Everyone should have a Fish Girl!!

Sorry but this is what i really think about this ‘issue’.

Nice to read this. People are working hard to create a good game experience.

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If Melia is Fish Girl, what does that make Gill-Ra? Who by the way is also awesome - I only discovered her usefulness a couple of months ago, when I saw everyone using her in some 3* event, finally levelled her up and discovered why. I’d been missing out for ages.

Actually, I can answer my own question: just Fish, I believe.

When are you going to interview yourself, or get one of the others to interview you, Mr Bard sir? Or have I missed a self-introductory piece?


The enigmatic @MysterySpin extracted some information from me under extreme duress…

@MysterySpin Grabs the mic...An Audience with @JonahTheBard 🎙️


I’m back, having read it, thank you.

Well that was… disturbing.

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