Can we make the seasonal events re-playable?

Since we’re going to see these seasonal heros popping up in defenses over the coming months, what would be great is if the seasonal levels could be replayed for standard, farmable loot after they were finished. I’d really like to both farm AND get in some practice against what will inevitably be a constant stream of Mother North’s in my raid matches. What does everyone think?

I like this idea a lot. I’d hope that the world energy cost of a replay would be lowered markedly to match the lower-value loot.


+1 This.

30 Characters.

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Off topic:
I’m starting to see Mother North in my nightmares.

On topic:
Nice idea.

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Good Idea for replay that , so we can use variety heroes to play , but facing MT with her Porridge and frozen tiles is also my nightmare.

I have no idea why you’d want to suffer ice block tiles any more than necessary

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Want to mix up heros against Mother North. See what works the best for when she’s dropping reindeer porrage on me in a raid.

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It’s not an accurate reflection of her in a raiding format.

Agree. Whoever came up with the ice block tiles needs to be flogged.

Yep. They don’t require any additional strategy. They are just an annoyance that slows down fights.

It is possible to use ice blocks cleverly; they change matching, and usually slow things down, but I’ve managed to get some great combos. It just takes some practice. Hence replay. Back on topic – whew!


I agree.

I love deliberately getting a dragon shield, having two of the Frost Shields thaw, and immediately match with the dragon shield for a combo. Tricky, but possible if you practice.

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It’s closer than not fighting her at all.

Nah. It’s just not the same thing. They make her way tougher and formidable for the purpose of being a boss in a challenge event. It’s like saying you need to test how good Dawa is by fighting her as a boss in an event. It’s not accurate, MN is buffed hella hard as a boss in an event. Not the same thing as fighting her in a raid.

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