Can we make neutral ascension material not that rare?

I’m so pissed off by the lack of neutral ascension materials it’s not even funny. I’m speaking of fine gloves, compasses, tomes and blades.

I’ve been playing for three month and a half now and I’ve seen only one drop of gloves. I’ve gotten 2 more from the rare quests and that’s it. The last 2 I bought from epic offers. I’m extra frustrated that those were not included in the claendar and were removed from the Knights of Avalon event as well. I’m glad that they’ve fixed the advanced tier rewards at least. I’ve not seen an elemental chest for almost a month now as well.

Gloves are by far my only limiting factor. I have enough materials for 4 more ascensions and after the event I will have for almost another 2, but no freaking gloves.

It’s such a nonsense to have your progress limitted by non-color specific ascension materials.

I know some people are like this with compasses, but at least they have the 250 gem option for a chance for those, while no such offer exists for gloves. I know that the same applies for 4* items, mainly for the tomes.

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I have the the same problem