Can we make a mega thread?- Complaints

Day in day out seeing “disappointed in summons”, “pissed off at RNG”, “done spending”, threads that all say relatively same thing with a different title.

Anyway to merge those threads into 1 mega thread? If they’re all irritated about the same thing, then I’m sure all them complaining/venting in the same thread would be an interesting read


We could call it… the “Gambling sucks” mega thread.

Conversely we should also have a “Gambling is awesome” thread too, where we celebrate amazing luck(which we all know is a skill, right?)


Usually I would say : YES! but experiance shows that it would be too much work to merge all the threads. Many seem not to search for similar topics when opening a new one :frowning:

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I’m betting more would spring up, because the fun thing is “making your own thread,” not having it merged into a hundred others that are exactly like yours. :wink:


The thread already exists, it’s called The Ridiculous Complaints Thread.


I merge a lot of this type of thread into this one:

If I don’t catch it before it’s already exploded, I just link it over.


Any other ideas?

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I noticed and thanks for that

Helps a lot

You want to deny me the joy and suspance to open a thread and read exactly the same things of 2 topic below?

I flag you sir, beware.

We could just consolidate all the complaints not one thread, as helpfully suggested here:


There are different categories, like:

What if we created a new category called “Grumble,” or “Poutrage” (the act of being outraged and pouting at the same time), and just shove all these Non-Discussions of “But It’s Not Fair” there?


and so they can be moved to the megathread and it wont polute the forum, also wont give me eye ache :slight_smile:

Would this be the correct time to suggest a…
RCT830 ???


Linked three posts above yours… :wink:

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I was just thinking about this @rigs on the drive home.

I don’t want to be completely dismissive of people’s genuine emotional response, even though the posts are often very predictable.

I was thinking about maybe four major complaint threads - materials issues, board issues, summons issues, matching issues

Then it’s ever so slightly more respectful?


I like Kayo’s expression ‘poutrage’
So we should call RTC830-poutrage.


Cool I have my own category!


The Ridiculous Complaints Thread is tongue in cheek, a humorous thread, not actual complaints (as you know!) :grin:

I move all real complaints from there.

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Although I see the argument for making one thread, it wouldn’t ever work. It’s quite easy to understand someone’s sentiment to start his/hers own thread to give vent when that given individual feels he/her has been “cheated” after spending a lot for “nothing” (ie for the chance to get “something”).

Many of these posters maybe opened a forum account just to do this, and have no idea that this is a frequent complaint (If they did, they would maybe have refrained from spending in the first place).