Can we limit the Random effect?!

I know, I know… But! More than a month without Recruits quests, one color titan for weeks, it has to have some restraints built in the code. Or the code is broken so bad?!

Anyone got 4 4* in a row?? Ever? But we got 4 red titans in a row twice(!) and Wu misses 9(!) hits in a row.

How is this even remotely considered well coded?

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Hahaha 4 4* in a row :joy: :joy: :joy:
That is a RNG I would love to see! But I guess it “randomly” doesn’t work that way.

My eyes were like @@ when today (after 6 months playing) mystic vision gave me the first damascus blade. I’m hoping a tome of tactics tomorrow :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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That’s awesome! I’d happily take all those red Titans over all the blue Titans we get.

And for what it’s worth, repeating 4* items have a lot lower probability than repeating the same titan color.

Couldn’t agree more we have had 5 x blue 10* then get an 11* Blue this one we let go

In fairness, you really didn’t get four reds in a row. You got two reds in a row, then a rare, then another red. The rare titans follow a pattern. Not the RNG’s fault that it was your turn to tackle a tiger.

Actually… we are waiting for the sixth:


It’s a good question why titans don’t just drop in strict color rotation, like rare quests or epic summons.

Ah. I stand corrected. For my alliance, it’s the Kraken that always likes to appear. And collectively we are weakest against blue. Coincidence? :thinking:

The lack of recruits quests is bugging me—it’s one of very few i ever bothered doing.

I got 3 4* and a 5* recently in a row from my legendary camp. Started with Thorne, after that Sonya, then Gormek, then Hu tao. So I guess I compensate for the odds of the poster… :slight_smile:

Or does he mean 4x4* item? ^^

Still, considering myselves lucky.

We are also on our 6th blue 10* after letting an 11* go

It seems there is something seriously wrong withthe rnging code since we also haven’t seen a recruits II quest in over a month nor a recruits I quest in over ten days. I’ll keep my fingers crossed SG will actually look into this matter…

I guess it makes sense though that after 3 or 4 easy titan kills that we’d be faced with a couple of harder ones. For our alliance it’s blue and green. We are always facing multiple blue Kraken then a gargoyle queen. We can usually take it down with everything we’ve got, then be forced to go in weak on the next one. Or, let it go and still end up getting only one of the two.

Just when we think we’re progressing, we get kicked back to a lesser titan. I suppose if it wasn’t written this way we’d all be fighting 14 star titans all the time.

It’s becoming a very recognizable pattern and maybe by accepting it, our members will become less frustrated. We’ll just have to grit our teeth through our toughies.

But what about the pretty rigid schedule rare quests are following. Way back in revision 1.12 days there was a problem with rare quest going stretches like Recruits II is now.

Just .02 cause some stuff now is just baffling to me.

I wasn’t familiar with the quests when that happened, but what I’ve read is that SG looked into it and fixed the problem. I don’t see why they can’t at least check to see if there’s a problem with recruits.

Did you see Recruits common quest spawned not long ago?

It was over ten days ago, and yes i mentioned it.

Edit: my appolagies I hadn’t logged into the game since the quest came out. Still, I’d like to see a recruits II this month…

I meant today. Got my 15 and quit.

We tied.

Guessing recruits II may go back to front-running rare quests, so check your calendar

I edited my post, though not in time it seems.

It seems every game I’ve ever played suffers from a streaky RNG. When it benifits you, it’s great. like yesterday I got 3 5*s in a row and then a fourth before the end of a 10 pull.

Unfortunately, especially when dealing with such small odds, the RNG just punishes you.

Not sure what can be done but I’d imagine there would be big bucks for a coder who could develop a better engine.

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