Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


Maybe more peeps need to approach field aid as I do. After an utter failure of an attack I pour a glass of wine and chuckle at the enemy slinging zeroes aginst a kash tank.


Field aid is the only thing in this game that determined me to ever flee the battle field… I really hate it… it feels like it’s cheating you out of what would have been a victory in any other conditions… it is just a nightmare to see that lonely healer in the corner of the screen healing himself or getting field aided every other turn…


I really wish we could just know the war variable before matching starts. I would opt myself out of all field aid wars. We have them going on in both my alliances right now and after taking my first round of hits, I am actually seriously thinking about deleting the game. I really enjoy about everything else, but it’s like I am being forced to participate in a small part that I really completely hate. Anytime I use “hate” and “game” together in the same thought, I wonder why I am spending all this time and money.


It’s 2 enemy arrows, 2 field aid, 2 enemy attack boost… 2 in a row, in that order, every time. And it’s the same for everyone.


That needs to be plastered on a billboard, everywhere.

Would help weed out a lot of the "Field Aid will make me quit!"ers (one would hope).


huh, today I learned.


I thought this was common knowledge honestly


I thought it was random. lol


I got no problem with field aid, i still get at least 4/6 one shots vs 4k+ teams. I dont understand the big deal personally


I guess now ya know lol.

I never know which 2 are goin to come next(i dont keep that good of track i guess) but i know if we have 1st field aid war then 2nd will follow, if we have 2nd then either arrows or attack boost is next


I have the same relationship with Field Aid as I do with Wu Kong. It’s more of a love/hate kind of relationship. I agree with many who posted about how to combat it with snipers and mana controllers. I enjoy the challenge.

I wonder if some people aren’t changing their teams up and adjusting to the three styles of war? I’ve seen people who stick with the same “team” and get frustrated when they can’t seem to score a point. I think it is more of a lack of fundamental game mechanics than field aid itself. But, that’s just my two cents.


100% agree with this, and i have a feeling you just ignited a fuse that will explode into some entertaining reading material today lol glad you did it on the weekend


Field Aid is not only annoying, it is unfair. Giving the enemy a boost like attack & defense is totally fine and it helps to balance things, but straight out giving HEALTH to your enemy is a total cheat.

I strongly suggest Field Aid to be replaced by a defense buff, similar to the attack (20% boost). It will prevent the endless fights against 1 standing hero being healed over and over until we run out of time.

Allan (Blazing Dawn)


Unfair to whom? You get the same boost, on defence.


Come designers you would screw up an ant exclusive picnic. Going head to head with the same team power you get destroyed before you even have a chance to attack. The field aid, arrow attacks, add a twist to the wars but come on. Lets try and tone it down with the BS.


Merged. :heart_decoration:

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Deleted my thread link post lol


WHAT??!? Adapt to changing circumstances? Crazy talk! :wink:

On a serious note, the three different buff types in wars gives it some variety. It isn’t always exactly the same, and that’s a good thing. Folks who hate the war buffs should just… I don’t know, don’t participate in wars, just do raids?


And now that people should know the Field Aid schedule, they can opt out and not have to complain about it!


Field aid sucks! Please get rid of it.