Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


I like the challenge of it as well. Field Aid should stay as it is now.


Personally I don’t find Field Aid that difficult to deal with, but I also made it a goal to level fast/very fast mana heroes and snipers to help combat this. That being said that’s not the only thing you rely on, there’s colour stacking, mana control, etc. We all have enough tools to help combat a bit of healing and healers. While it may take more time to take down a team, it’s still doable.

Maybe it’s more painful as you face harder teams that all have a Guin in the middle, but Field Aid is one of the least annoying buffs imho.


The more I think about Field aid, the more I think it disproportionately effects shallow teams. If you’re using the few heroes that you have available, it can be soul crushing.


What about an option to turn off aid? Then u only fight others with the same intent. Or maybe a rank system were as a lower alliance u dont have field aid until you advance far enough. My quip is voiced by my 98% F2P alliance members who dont have the ability to color stack from lack of multiple same-colored heroes or 5* to match the opponent. Last war was 7 vs 19 meaning they had better hero stats. It’s just frustrating for some wars… :expressionless:



Maybe a game solution could be that the Aid be defined prior to the matchmaking process, so people not comfortable with F.A. can opt out in advance.

For me, the fact that it is a challenge that I know both sides are equally facing is what makes it more interesting. It forces you to be a better player and with better team coordination and communication.


Just so everyone is clear, no one is suggesting Field Aid is somehow not fair, just that it is not fun. We all realize that it effects both sides. This is a game after all, so no fun seems like a really bad design strategy.

I have more people rage quit during field aid wars than anything else. Actually, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen people rage quit.


To be fair, several people have implied it’s not fair.

That said, you being someone who believes it to not be fun, what are your thoughts on my proposal for opt out prior to matchmaking if the Aid were preannounced?


My take is that variety of game play makes the game more fun. Field aid is a challenge to be overcome. Healers are less important in these wars. Fast mana strikers are key. Learning when to flee can make the difference between leaving an easy clean-up or leaving the team mostly healed.

Things that make me think about which heroes to use and which i need to level improve the game IMO.


I’m in the hate field aid boat today. Normally I’m in the “field aid is a mild nuisance” boat. But today it’s been really getting my goat.

Fighting a Boril tank, and the enemy targets down and kills my dispeller and healer right off, there’s no hope after that.


I disagree entirely. Healer may be less important on defense, but you have to bring 2 or more on attack just to compensate for the extra healing and let your team survive long enough to do any damage. Especially if the teams are all larger TP than you.


Totally agree. Hate it.
Thought i would be clever and load up on healers. Only attacked once. People are learning.
War boost in general are stupid.


Don’t use healers or riposte heroes and you’ll be fine. DoT and def droppers are the ones you want to use. Also, vampires siphon the field aid so they are the best heroes to use against this war boost.


if you cannot overcome the challenge (field aids) doesnt mean the game is stupid lol , suggest you to go play Tetris


I certainly suffered with the field aid this time around (a full team at ~1700 points couldn’t get more than 2 points off a Little John… Probably should have run away before the aid hit…). However, it is clear to me that I lost because I had unleveled heroes and weak snipers.

Field Aid may be a tick too fast when only one hero is left, though. I think I got three moves between heals there, which seems a little weak.


Fair enough - agree to disagree. My experience is that heavy healing against field aid leads to very long battles where you don’t have the firepower to overcome the healing aid. I try to finish battles before too many of the heals happen, thus the heavy attack.


Most of my alliance have more weaker teams than our mains by a good 400-700 TP. We don’t have firepower lol. So in order to stay allive to do enough with tiles, we have to bring 2-3 healers to each battle


If that works for you, then great. Like I said, I’ve found that too many healers leads to more losses because they lead to longer battles. Longer battles = more healing aid received.

But honestly, if you have enough healers that you can bring 2-3 every flag, that’s impressive healer depth and not something I’ve been able to build. So perhaps my perspective is limited by just not having enough healers to make a strategy like that work.


I believe what is most annoying is the fact that ghost tiling increase the speed at which the First Aid bar increase.

Toward the ends, when my healer is usually dead and my surviving heros have very little HP left, I absolutely hate to have only two choises:

  • Hitting the enemy with tiles (accelerating the filling up of their mana)
  • Ghost tiling (accelerating the filling up of the First Aid Bar)

It’s a lose-lose scenario!

Just making the progress of FIRST AID independent of ghost tiling would decrease the frustration caused by this type of war (at least to me).


This is a common misconception — it’s actually just that the number of turns decreases as heroes are killed. Ghosting doesn’t accelerate it.

See also: Resolved: Faster Field Aid?


Thanks. I stand corrected.
This means that I’d like this dependency from the number of foes to be removed :slight_smile: