Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


Same scenario: BT at the tank, Rigard flank and Belith at the corner, went with a higher might including Kashhrek, at the end was left with Kash against Belith, now truly the Field aid sucks, then it was like fighting again three opponents, 1. the board kept red tiles away from her, only green tiles were set,and even with my 4* green troops, they made absolutely no dent on her, 2. the field aids became extremely more frequent and healing her almost every few second before her specials.
3. Then her special.
C’mon I had just one hero, it was absolute unbalanced.
It took forever, repeated timer resets and I was awarded defeat with Kashhrek still in good health on my side, not even a draw, c’mon SGG.


Young padawans, you need to improve your skills, rather than complain because of a minor setback.

You hopefully have already learned the first lesson: dropping 3 tiles a turn will make Field Aid and the last hero standing a fight that will go on forever.

Now you should learn the second lesson: dropping as many tiles as you can, as high up the board as you can, to get a color sorted board. Color sorted boards give rainbow avalanches of tiles. Once you start firing 3 or more specials in one turn, that last healer standing will melt.

And one should be wary of the third lesson as well: delayed fire! It’s better to fire 3 snipers at the same time than 1 sniper, letting the last healer standing heal, 1 sniper, letting the last healer standing heal, 1 sniper, letting the last healer standing heal.

Lastly the fourth lesson: hitting above your weight in AW is risky no matter the buff, field aid, arrows, you’re fighting against some extra headwind. Pick your targets smartly and be aware of the risk you’re taking.

Expected outcome, young padawan. If you end up in a worst case scenario, what is the most probable outcome?

You were left with a weak healer on your side versus a strong healer on the other, who happens to have a very strong defensive buff against his strong color as well. So no firepower in your specials and reduced firepower in your strong tiles. While Kashhrek heals himself very strongly and there’s the field aid. Expected outcome, surely.

Basically when that happens there’s not much you can do but hope for a miracle cascade with loads of red, right after you fired your Belith to remove Kashhresk’s defense buff against fire.

Embrace field aid. It separates the men from the boys. Good grief that a game may pose a challenge at times. Good. grief.


I mean bring a better team next time? Healers are pretty easy to deal with. Ghost tiles don’t attack them directly. Just simply get creative? Also if you have any of the Halloween hero’s that affect healing there insanely effective against healers. Want to shut down a healer… use one of them suddenly that healers healing you instead of your target.


Possibly and possibly you have misread or misunderstood the scenario, it was a last min battle Kashhrek against Belith, not the other way round as you have presented.

In any case old padawans, thank you for the much lengthy serenade, in this game that everyone is evolving to understand its technicalities.

My post is not about, weak team, higher power or technicality, it is about it supposed to have been registered as a draw rather than defeat, since at the end of time out, heroes on both sides are still in good health condition.


There are no draws. Why should there be. Attcker either wins ( he has enough advantages ) and if he doesent it is a loss.


Great post and proves a point!

Today I took out Albie, Marjarana, Richard and Lianna to be left with Vivica against my full team at full health and lost because it timed out.


I think it’s ok to lose against Rigard or Vivica in the corner but there should be always a chance to win. If you’re totally chanceless, the fight ist uneven and unfair. Such fights are allright, you can’t win against every opponent but something is wrong, if you can defeat every hero except a healer in the corner even though all of your 5 heros are alive and at fully health.


I’m curious who was on your attack team. Facing Alberich and Vivica I would always bring a hero that can strip those buffs—Sabina, say. And you should have had two or three strikers. Ghost tiles around Vivica to get everyone charged, wait until Enemy Aid has fire, then cast your debuffer and your three attackers. Repeat as needed. That tactic should have brought Vivica down pretty quickly,


What was your team against Viv?


I think everyone agrees that the field aid is fair. The argument here is that it IS NOT FUN. Fighting a protracted battle with one healer left in a corner is a huge drag. There is certainly another mechanic we could use that would be fair and actually enjoyable. I think we forget that this is a game. Sometimes is starts to feel like a job.


personnaly think more difficulty brings more fun
even though i don’t like wars, i prefered when we could navigate more often between teams without being a merc
just a simple hippie opinion


I had Isarnia, Kiril, Grimm, Lianna and Vivica.

Tbh I got them down to Vivica only a minute before the end after albie had resurrected Richard and Marjarana and I had to take them down again. By the time I had the clock was running down too quick for me to charge up my specials against her, and yes i know its a risk when colour stacking to get tiles in the right place etc.

Personally I thought it would have been an epic victory which was spoilt by the field aid after doing all the hard graft to be thwarted by a healer !


Sorry all, I did have Sonya in the team for a debuff not Grimm.


I can’t really see what point it proves.

• 3 of the heroes have healing specials and only 2 have hitting specis.

• Both of those hitters are 3* heroes

• Neither of the 3* hitters chosen of the the best 3* hitters (Ie. _Bane, Berden, Balthazar)

• Neither of the 3* hitters is even a sniper. (One is a hit 3, one is an AOE)

• Only two of the heroes are 4* heroes and both are dark (weakest tiles against dark_)

• Zero Holy heroes (strongest tiles against dark)

• Zero fast heroes

Even if this was a raid taking out rigard would of been a big challenge with this team if the board was less than amazing. In raids Rigard is no stranger to being the last man standing. Wars take more planning than raids anyway, so with this team its kinda like “well the result is expected”


What the mechanic really does is punish shallow bench depth and/or poor team selection. Rolling up with the wrong colors or with insufficient damage means you’re just never going to take a strong healer down. That said, it also forces you to get creative with what you do have left for those last couple of flags, and I really appreciate that aspect of it.


When I first saw Field Aid, I told myself, that’s the one that’ll differentiate between powerful and less powerful players. The alternative war mechanisms are just taking a cut off what the attacker might otherwise achieve; this one might present a blocking obstacle to those who cannot muster sufficiently fast killers.

It was less bad than I had thought, but it remains the “great differentiator”.

And you know what? I think that’s all right. It provides a unique challenge, and nothing wouldn’t be fun if everything was easy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Plain and simple FIELD AID is a massive F*@#^ Up on SmallGiant’s behalf. It is overpowered beyond belief. To be able to go in with the exact same heroes you are fighting at the exact same level and the enemy gets a health boost that you do not, nor can you use your items to even the playing field… the enemy ends up with 70% chance or better of survival… while you waste your few attacks and all your good soldiers just to kill one. That’s exactly how it is. It’s not a challenge… it is a massacre. Field Aid needs to go away… don’t try and fix it because you’ll just F@#%^ it Up more. The other war boosters in place work just fine. Oh and btw I am speaking as a PAYING player… So don’t just think it’s someone who doesn’t pay for advantages in the game. I do and yet Field Aid is making me think I’ve wasted my time and money… So much so that if I could set up a picket line in front of SmallGiant offices… I probably would.



I still dont think SG should remove everything that makes certain areas of the game more challenging. But since people are still angry about fiel aid I think i’d be fine with SG compromising by either—

A) Nerfing Feild Aid to 15% —down from 20%.

(Result: A 4* hero with 1000 HP, like Melendor, would recover 150 HP each time instead of 200 HP. If feild aid goes off 4 times while your trying to kill him, thats 200 less HP recovered. For a 5* example— Marjana would recover 281 HP less over 4 activations)

B) Nerfing how often Field Aid goes off but leaving it at 20%.

To be honest I have felt that it occurs far too quickly once you get down to the last hero standing. Its almost feels like your being punished for playing the board well and being able to kill the team. I get SG doesn’t want the attacker to be advantaged but since you cant reuse heroes the attackers arent over advantaged. If they want to make sure killing the last hero isnt too easy then they should factor in how many heroes on the attackers side is left alive aswell.

(EX if you have 4 or 5 heroes alive, field aid goes off as quickly as it currently does. If you have only 3 heroes alive, how quickly it activates is increased to be +2 or +3 turns longer. If you have less than 3 heroes alive 2, its activation is increased by +1 or +2 more turns.)

Just some ideas im throwing out there. Might be flawed of course


Field Aid…Healing boost.

It makes me feel like I am stuck in an abusive relationship with E&P (even more than I am, with the ‘gacha’ nonsense)

The War Chest is the best darn container I’ve ever opened in the entire game (inclusive of S2 ascension items). So we want to fill this thing, right? Have to do it as an alliance, so I gotta be a ‘team player’ and do the thing, and not ‘opt out’.
But I HATE it. My alliance mates hate it. Many people (save for the pseudo-intellectuals) HATE the healing field aid. It isn’t fun.

So, yea. Let’s nuke it.