Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


Field aid is the worst machanic in this game, healing characters are already extremely overpowered and unfair on the lower level players who cannot do enough damage before the enemy heals. When you add field aid to this it becomes an absolute joke. I vote that field aid is completely scrapped from the game and I have never met a player in over 15 Alliences that disagrees with me.


If you’re not doing it already, I recommend that you try color stacking against the opposing tank. Unless you’re very unlucky, you should be able to down it before the heal hits.


They should just hold their heroes specials to fire at the same time, then working to fill heroes mana and do the same over and over.


Your teams are getting healed too when they attack you, you just don’t see it. It’s fair. Maybe someone attacked your team and they only killed one hero, maybe because your heroes were healed in time. Did you complain then?


When Alliance wars were first introduced with the only option of revenge arrows there were tons of topics on this form that arrows suck and they are unfair. Now the same is about field aid. :slight_smile: Just consider this an extra invisible healer hero on a field that you can’t kill or disable. :wink: Build your attacking team respectively.


Field aid was really annoying in my earliest months of play. I promise as the game goes on you’ll learn how to play around each one. Just keep practicing. If you’re one of the weaker players in your alliance wait until someone else kills the tank, healer, andor best sniper and then use yourself as “clean up crew” —its the easiest way to practice.

Also, use the defense team support to your advantage. Both teams get it—so your enemies are dealing with the same thing.
I’ve noticed when I make my team push the annoying-ness of the defense team support my team usually will either take around 3 flags to kill, and/or it won’t even be killed in the second half— even if the opponents still use flags on me trying to kill my team. (Ex. Keeping two healers in the team when the defense team support is field aid/health recovery. Enemies have gotten 0 points against me because the three ways of healing didnt all92 them to do enough damage before one of my heroes or the field aid recovered their health._ Ex.__ Substituting a sniper with a second AOE or Hit-3 hero when the aid is enemy arrows so the whole attacking team keeps getting hit at once)


why have these defense triggers at all? seems like a lazy way to make war unique than standard raid? we are already fighting strongest team opponent can put up, no need for these boosts.


If you have a weak team, and there is only someone like Kash left on the other side you can literally never take that hero with field aid as the rule. The aide goes off every third turn. Kash heals eventually. It really doesn’t matter what you do, field aid with weaker teams means they can’t defeat some opponents, even in simple clean up tasks.

If that is an issue or not I’ll leave up to others. But to me that seems screwy.


One thing to remember is that ghosting tiles increases the field aid bar faster. So if you’re ghosting a bunch of tiles for whatever reason (trying to get a diamond or trying not to charge the opponent hero or just there are no other tile matching options), that field aid bar will fill up quick. Sometimes you just have to bit the bullet and throw useless tiles at the hero in an attempt to get on color tiles underneath him. Depending on the board layout you have to decide which route is best.

Also, if you get ahold of heroes that stop healing, they will help out in controlling heal aid during war if you time it right. There are also heroes that are used on defense that will increase the healing amount received by heroes, if you’re fighting one of them during war with healing aid, you should consider taking him out first.


The field aid bar increases at a rate fixed by the number of remaining foes. Whether you ghost tiles or use tiles to hit the remaining foe(s) makes no difference to when Field Aid will kick in.

The foes’ mana bars also increase every turn, and those do go up faster if you drop tiles on them.


Field Aid… while FAIR… is NOT FUN AT ALL

SG could replace it with -def and I would be okay with that.


oh, I see. I guess since there was just one hero left I thought it was from ghosting. thanks for clearing that up.


Right, the Enemy Aid clock ticks faster when there are fewer defenders left.


Perhaps the clock rate for the field aid should be adjusted. It’s ridiculous when you can fail with full team against lone hero due to bad board and his constant healing. That cannot happen with other war rules. At least not without significantly damage that hero first.


Which is why, on cleanups, you have so many problems getting rid of Rigard/Melandor/etc. Also why our lower-powered team members become less effective because they do not have the attack power in reserves.

I measure my strong negativity out very sparingly and reserve my venom for limited circumstances but I’ll say it here: ENEMY AID (HEALING) IS STRAIGHT TRASH


@Redeye Maybe you make an idea / feature request with a replacement idea thread?


This discussion is interesting to me, because I had the exact opposite impression:


My alt tucks Morgan in the corner. She is wicked hard to dislodge there if you don’t kill her as part of the initial wave.


I just laugh when I see teams with more than one healer during “field aid” wars… Then I attack them. I don’t care if Rigard fires 4 times while I’m charging my heroes. Please note that his special is useless if he is already at full power.
Practice and you will get better.
If you don’t have the right heroes don’t fight that team. It’s better to fight a 4K team with a 5 stack and take out the tank for another teammate than to waste your team on a single healer with no color advantage


Single healer in the corner is an easy pickup with a 3* squad. Don’t care if it’s Rigard, Viv, Kiril, etc.

Bring: Carver, Azar, Gan Ju, Valen, and Balth. Or substitute with Tyrum for debuff, or
Berden for an extra hitter to make it go faster.

Ghost. Reduce shield. Snipe. Reduce mana.

The healer will fall. Easy.