Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


Field aid is by far the strongest boost. It’s okay there’s one like that, but it could still be toned down to 15%. I’d be more interested in making the aid timer rate with one defender remaining the same as it is with two. It’s not like it’s easier to attack one corner instead of two corners really.

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… wat!
I will begin sharing this everywhere.

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Hi nowhere i can find a postbutton anywhere. I want to tell so that iam bei Vers worry above this bad alliancewar. When i find only stronger enemys and i Made one Kill and they heal themselve by Buff thats Bad stupide Idea. Sorry my Bad english. That let me close my fun in this game i hate it.

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Lets stop with the constant field aid wars and just let us fight straight up to make it more fair?

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Not everybody. I absolutely love field aid. Makes you think about your team setups on both offense and defense differently than the other 2 types of war. The variety it adds to war every 3rd week is a great part of the game.



Why not make more interesting and allow to take in 1 battle item, lol.

The only field aid i dislike is the healing as the others don’t bother or affect my attacks enough for me to worry about them.

But that healing one resets far quicker than the others which makes it almost impossible to attack and get ahead to the point that I take 3 healers when healing aid is activated.



I was very certain this thread already existed and am glad to chime in. Field aid is a MENACE. I’m a mid-level player in my alliance, generally killed 3x in wars on two or three hits each time. This time it took TEN hits to take out my Kiril and Sabina (neither one even maxed), and a lot of them were for zero points. One of our weakest players hung in there for three zero-point hits with a half-leveled Boldtusk. Meanwhile my entire alliance faceplanted against one (1) maxed Rigard. (I finally took him down with two Kirils and Melia for power and criticals, Mnesseus for fast hits, and Kelile for fast hits and fire damage. I had a good board, too. And I still nearly ran the clock out.)

Most of us are playing a game because we want to have fun. Field aid makes these battles not fun. There’s very little to enjoy in ten minutes of hammering away on a brick wall, trying desperately to luck into the combo that will pummel that one smug healer for enough HP to offset filling their mana bar. I’d rather wipe out fast than have a battle drag on and on and on and on.

I’m bemused by people saying “field aid makes you think more strategically!”. The defense strategy is to put more healers on your team. The offense strategy is to make your hits harder and clear your calendar for a full hour of grimly slogging through using up your six flags. I love figuring out creative ways to combine my second- and third-string heroes late in a war; field aid diminishes that by making some teams or heroes basically unkillable.

Drop it from 20% to 10% healing, have it run less often, change it to something that diminishes the attacking team’s defense or offense… anything but what it is now. I would literally rather have my attacking team fireballed for multi-turn damage. At least then it would be over faster.



(And yes, I created an account just to complain about it taking ten hits to kill my war defense team, don’t @ me.)

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So much yes! A team with 1k hit points less, demolished me durin my attack. But did absolutely nothing for me when i was attacked. It needs to dissapear.



Then I would be torn between a timestop and a super mana potion… nah, bad Idea.



Lol. It was a joke bro. Lol.

The rest of the post after that comment is what you need to respond to.




Even my response weren’t serious at all but, you see, this isn’t the first time I read about bringing items to PvP battles.

Should I voice my opinion regarding your fields aid’s opinion? Why should I do that?



And your a regular! LOL.

guess that says it all.



What kind of nonsense is this? If you, for example, would be a Juventus’ fan and I were a Inter’s fan (Italian’s soccers clubs) would you change your favourite team just because I showed to you how good Inter is in my eyes?

What should I comment about this quote exactly? This is your opinion, not an objective fact.



I want to fight an even battle. A field? Ok, but a team with two healers? We should all just load up with healers and would that not be just so much fun



How is it even? If you lose, you can fight them again with a full powered team while their damage remains. This is war, not raiding.



I disagree, and several people above disagree too. You gotta be smarter about how you attack enemies when field aid is heal. Just because one hero’s Mana is charged doesn’t mean you have to use it. Charge them all, let the field aid for, and then unleash all your hits at once.

You shouldn’t go into a battle with 4 heroes who don’t have an attack special. 3 healers in one battle is a ridiculous strategy against a heal field aid



I’m tired of casuals and new players telling me the rules we should play by. My alliance enjoys it. We enjoy settng traps on our defenses. However, we have even started halting doing that because at our level almost no one on either side has trouble cleaning up healers left over. It’s just another hero, even with field aid.

Field aid is only an issue with unleveled rosters. If your alliance war score is under a certain threshold, then maybe it should be 10%. But you really have to level your benches. Your fast mana, single target heroes. Especially ones like Valen and Gan Ju.

Personally I prefered the old wars. All arrows, all the time. And not the 25% of remaining health but 25% of max health, and they could kill you. But I like my games to be a challenge. Some don’t.

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And dont don’t worry, the next 2 are arrows before there’s 2 healing aid.



I see a lot of people qqing about field aid heals and 2 healer teams but myself i always pick on people that use 2 healers and i just bring all the damage and debuffer into match they almost never can out heal a good offensive team damage, btw i first look to points they will give me then team make up and i I eaither get my goal or close to it of 6 for 6 sometimes boards are bad and i only get 3 for 6 but thats ok cause it gives the weaker players in my alliance to get some clean up hits


No more aid in war