Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


I’m a bit confused with this post. Is there a time that war have no booster? Afaik, the war debuted with the brutal version of arrow attack which is far worse from current boosters. Or the earlier arrow attack didnt count as booster?


If I may add, as a recent player thus low level, those who find that defeating teams several hundreds power points below them or who get several on shots per war should try putting themselves in the position of these opposite teams…
Being level 27 I still find very few defending teams that are less powerful than me and I can hardly blame the younger members of my alliance when they say that its just no use for them to continue fighting since they can’t make any progress.

I understand the view of those higher level players who do not want to get bored, but maybe choosing a tougher opponent might give them more challenge; on the other hand, why not keep the boosters but modulate them according to the rate between the two opponents power level ?


I would be lying if I said I never got frustrated in war due to boosters (actually just field aid).

However, I don’t want them removed. War is vastly different from raids and I like that. I fill 2 hero chests a day and I look so forward to that something different twice a week. I like that raid defense is many times not the best war defense and Im not taking on the same GM\Guin teams over and over. I love having a reason to use other heroes. I love that field aid makes “mehhh” heroes like Triton and Valeria awesome.


Hmm not sure I follow you on this. Before the boosters we had the arrows and they where hitting much harder then the arrow booster does now. If you didn’t quickly win the war you where done for.


For those of you saying the boosters make it so it’s just not 6 more raids - true, but there are other ways to do this. Alternate hero setups for instance. The reverse V, the W, the reverse W all would be different and still let us just fight the fight and not the booster, especially the healing one. That’s god awful. I don’t see any problem with having more kills and more resets for both teams. It would be a lot more enjoyable.


I think alternate formations would be an interesting addition. I still think that the war conditions that assist defenders are necessary to balance out the inate advantage of the attacking team. I don’t think getting rid of the conditions would make it more enjoyable. I do think it would make it a lot less challenging and therefore more boring.

I have mentioned before that it is also unbalancing that the defensive teams never get ‘retired’ from the field when defeated. If offensive heroes are only able to be used for one battle, then the defensive heroes also ought to be ‘retired’ once defeated completely and then replaced by the next preset defensive team of the defenders.

Why not make it so that the defenders must set up 6 defensive teams and once those 6 teams have been defeated, then they are no longer able to be attacked. Maybe a bonus amount of points could be awarded for defeating a player all 6 times.


If that was the case, then the hero cap would have to be SERIOUSLY boosted to account for all the retired teams…you’re looking at 12 teams to pull this off


I think you are misunderstanding. If your heroes are retired from using offensively, they would not be retired from using them defensively. The two are separate. You would create 6 defensive teams prior to the beginning of battle and determine the order in which they would go in to play. The defensive teams would then go into play automatically as the previous team gets defeated and they would go in to play in the order the player determines prior to the beginning of battle.


I think with the increasing respawn times, you would only need 3 defense teams set up. Isn’t it 6/8/10 hours?

On this same note, if a hero survives an offensive raid, why can’t they be used again with the remaining health just like on defense? Other than SG pushing that “need 30 maxed heroes” issue which is more profitable.


If all teams are defeated at once, all revive instantly


Forgot about that. Maybe twice max that happens per war?


nah…need that to make up for the handicap of the A.I. – The frustration comes because we only see its effect on us, but when you cheer your defense burning up 3 flags – its that boost that is helping make that happen…otherwise it will just be 140 flags 140 wipes unless there is a bad gem board. You know going in the handicap against you so set your teams accordingly.


At higher levels that happens at least 3 times per war minimum. More often 4 times in a war and sometimes 5 times in a war.


i dont like War booster as well but at bright side it give more dynamic strategy how to handle the fight

basicly i hate it but i love it


War is the last thing that keep me interested in this game, but because of the aid, mostly field aid, i might stop playing once and for all, there is no real added value or pleasure to those aid and they are just an annoyances, so i am 100% with op, remove those aid.


Maybe if the war boosters were applied to both sides? Just a thought.


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The war boosters are applied to both sides. Your team gets them when they’re on defense.


Thx. I meant during the match. Both side aided or afflicted with boosters.


Opt out?

Twenty options


i think everybody agrees this lol. FA is ridiculous, but we should consider that our enemies have to deal with that too so it’s not unfair, just boring.