Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


I’ll vote for this, 100x over I’d vote for them getting rid of the boosters!!!


Me too 100% !

In my alliance, we have gone from 30 taking part in wars to 25 because of these stupid boosters! Also when the stupid booster is field aid, so many times the battle times out because the opposition has packed themselves with healers. If it times out it should not be considered a defeat but a moral victory!

Today I lost a battle when I took out 4 of the 5 and had all 5 of my heroes intact and at full health but becuase it timed out, apparently it means that I lost, how is that fair!


Agreed, I don’t see the need. There’s no boosters in a raid, why war?


Remove them and you simply have raids. Wow that‘s boring. Boosters are great and add strategy to the fights.


I disagree…I loved the wars before the boosters…they were a lot of fun…and it’s more of a community raid with a time limit…it brings your alliance together and even the smaller teamed players in the alliance got to ACTUALLY fight and have a good time with it…NOW, with the boosters in play, the smaller teamed players don’t even get a chance at being an effective cleanup crew…they rarely see points in the double digits and even when we WIN everyone is in a terrible mood because of the hassle the boosters cause…when our teams should have no problem taking down a team 400 pts lower than us, and we lose and have to take multiple shots at them, all it does is irritate…and who wants to play a game that puts you in a bad mood all the time? I Can speak for my entire alliance when I say it was more fun before the boosters…we could actually plan out an attack strategy that WORKED once in a while and involved EVERYONE…not just the top 10 players


Then you should teach your weaker members how to cleanup properly. Stack colors like 3-2 or 4-1. ghost tiles and then snipe hero by hero. Heal boost does not much when you follow these steps.

When you lose against teams 400 weaker than your team - you bring the wrong team. Thats it.

You have to check their team. Stack colors. Bring counterheroes (like Boldtusk against zeline etc).

Every war I nearly face only 4000+ teams. All my attack teams are 3400-3700 and I reach 3-5 oneshots each war. Teampower does not determine too much. It‘s picking the right attack team - especially the right colors


When you get to the 3k range, yeah…I can see that it’s who you bring into the war…but what about those level 12 and 13 players who still have teams in the 1500 range? They’re playing with mostly 1 2 and 3 star heroes…they have no choice about who they bring cause that’s all they have…and with these boosters in play…they MIGHT get a handful of points on the opposing team’s before they’re knocked out IF they’re lucky…it’s no fun when you can’t even play…and why would they want to spend money and buy gems to POSSIBLY get better heroes when they aren’t having fun?


Okay, the lower power teams do cleanup then. You know they won’t be there forever right?

I like the war boosts as it makes me come up with new tactics.


That‘s the burden of new players being in a too strong alliance I guess. Either they search for a weaker ally to have more comfy wars or they take it as it is and try to improve te be a better asset in wars.


We have 1 player that, other than his main team, uses 3* heroes to fight. He takes out the tanks of teams much higher than him, then leaves the injured teams for others with small teams to clean up. He’s learned how to 1. Use the heroes he has 2. Work with the war boost 3. Color stack 4. Be a team player.

I disagree with removing the boosts simply because it makes the wars different than raids and very challenging. I love to raid, but I love wars more due to the challenging aspect of it.


I also think that the war boosters add an extra layer of strategy. In order to keep wars being fun and not a chore, I would like to see even more variation and not less (like other kinds of boosters, effects similar to the special levels of Atlantis, restrictions to certain kinds of heroes*, …).

Wars should be substantially different to the standard PvP raids in order to keep us thinking of strategies instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

*Restrictions should of course only affect advanced alliances where people have lots of heroes to chose from and not beginners with only 10 or 15 fully leveled heroes


I like it the way it is with the boosters and I do pretty well, and so does my alliance. Sometimes is humiliating but I enjoy seeing their team go after a single hero and losing 6-9 flags attacking again and again for naught.


We do the same thing…hit and run…let the smaller teams have at the incomplete teams…but it still doesn’t work for the little guys…if not get rid of the boosters altogether, then make it so we have a button for the alliance to opt out of having boosters in play…all you who actually like the boosters can go have fun with them and those of us who hate them can play without them…there…everyone’s happy…but SOMETHINGS gotta give for us who love war but hate the boosters…


Don’t get me wrong here…we win more than we lose…in fact, we are currently on a pretty good streak…but it’s still a hair ripping, phone throwing, screaming all kinds of profanity at the top of our lungs affair…and it really shouldn’t be like that


Exactly this but as a reason FOR War boosters. I already fight 10+ raids a day. This adds variety and a challenge.

Any way to bring back the positivity players used to have?

Because damage does not heal between battles in war.

This lets lower level teammates clean up damaged teams.

Now imagine fighting war, you can only use each attacking hero once, but their are no War Rules ( Field Aid, Attack Boost, Arrow Barrage), and teams heal 100% HP between battles like in raids.

The Devs must balance each new war advantage with a disadvantage.


I hate raids…but the wars are a community effort with the alliance and we all sit there and watch and cheer each other on and whatnot…we have fun with it…and we’re a rowdy bunch…a very close-knit band of misfits…THATS what makes the wars fun…at least for us…and when we can’t do that cause the boosters ruin it for us…we can’t cheer on the little guy when the little guy gets 3 points in 6 hits…they just get frustrated…and rightly so…cause when I was at their level, I was getting decent hits…the boosters should be voluntary at least


I have fun strategizing around boosters. Wars would be more boring to me without them even though I do have my own least favorite of them (Attack boost).

I vote to keep them in. I wouldn’t want wars to be too similar to raids. If wars are a miserable thing,
Opt out


Because in raids the attacker has the advantage. This is well known. The reason for field aide it to balance it back out for the defending team.


Even with the defense boosters I generally get 4 to 6 one shots per war. The Wars would be extremely boring and repetitive without the boosters as there would be no difference between Wars and Raiding.