Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?

I’m fairly certain that you could walk away, leave this topic alone for 10 years (and assuming the game lasts that long) and you will see the exact SAME CONTENT. (only the names will have changed and the complaints will be: “Odin’s grand daughter is such a ■■■■■!! (beach??) She needs to be nerfed!!”)

I’ve already got dibs on Odin’s granddaughter. Won her in a game of Texas hold’em. Odin went all in with two aces before the flop. I called and pulled a flush on the river.

Of course, afterwards he vowed that she would be nerfed two months after her birth, and that I would be doomed to suffer eternal damnation in the “don’t nerf Odin’s granddaughter” thread.


Of course people realise their defense team get field aid too. No, the problem is that with the other two abilities, you can still win the fights fairly regular, it doesn’t have such a great effect to the end result. Arrows…sure, I’ll heal the damage. Attack boost…sure, but it’s not so much and I can just try to win faster. But 20% constant healing DOES make a big difference. It’s just too powerful in the long run. 10% would be more balanced. That’s all I’m saying.

It’s very annoying to deal with, yes. Usually Field Aid wars have lower overall scores than non-Field Aid wars. The challenge is in overcoming your opponents’ healing better than they’re able to overcome yours.

It’s absolutely a huge difference, for sure. BUT there is always more than one way to skin a cat (sorry Rook). Meaning: the difference can usually be overcome.

Unless of course your opponents are all much stronger than your teams. In which case… yeah. That’s an uphill battle. Those were the wars where my alliance pretty much went in expecting to lose. Can’t win them all, anyway…

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Also, if such abilities are deemed unnecessary in raids, then why are they necessary in wars? And, if there is such a great need for war abilities, then why are those abilities not present in raids too?

The defense teams already have it easy as it is, getting steady streams of mana and the whole team attacks within 1-3 rounds. Those fights where 4-5 of the enemies can attack in the same round and gang up on your characters are already as horrible as they need to be.

Yeah and don’t forget that grandmaster chess player AI that is making the defense moves too.

These abilities were added to distinguish wars from raids, not removed from raids as unnecessary.

Why exactly? Makes it harder to win the battle? Both sides are facing the same challenge, not that it’s unfair or sth.

Do I get annoyed when I have only healer left, and on the other side there’s a healer as well - absolutely! The battle lasts forever…

But at the end, you do have right to dislike some feature of the game. I was trying to understand the reason behind. Personally, I enjoy different setups. Would like to be more of them.

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Just because someone dislikes field aid doesn’t mean everyone dislikes field aid. It’s a lot like Kasshrek, very frustrating and annoying when you first encounter it. Then you grow and improve as a player and you start to wonder what all the fuss was about.

Or maybe you don’t. :man_shrugging:


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“More than one way to skin a cat” is an expression often used in english to signify that there are often many ways of accomplishing the same end result.

Nothing to do with actual cats or skinning of them.





I find Field Aid and Arrows about the same. Something to shift my teams to face, no biggie.


Been there, done that! The issue was that they were so cocky, they totally failed to show after the flip. I was like??? “What was that all about? This is weird!”. I can actually name that alliance (it was memorable!!) but I doubt they would appreciate my endorsement of their wicked strategy!!!

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@TGW. War strategy can be complex at some times! Usually it is straightforward but sometimes my sandbagger approach pays of royally. I try not to lead with that but it seems to be becoming increasingly effective! This wouldn’t work out at upper levels of the game however at all!!

And I may have said the politically incorrect terms recently. I said “girls” and my experience is they wiped the floor with the sandbag!

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For the record, I would never actually skin a cat. I’d only skin an animal I intended to eat. And cats don’t make for good eatin’. :grin:

On topic: I never had much trouble with either Arrows or Attack Boost. Field Aid is probably the only one that ever annoyed me, but only because it allowed enemy defenses to heal faster than I could hurt them once my primary damage dealers were dead. That’s when heavy color stacking and the flee button come in handy.


The sheer humiliation that field aid has delivered to me? I wish i had video of it now! I could post: “The most Epic repeated fail ever!!”


Oh I made that mistake early on… luckily it was over a year and a half ago in my first alliance so I doubt anyone remembers it now.

Once I learned my lesson… I stopped wasting flags. Instead, sat back and laughed my ■■■ off watching the other team waste theirs. :laughing:



If only I had a story that good, but just recently I stupidly just didn’t seem to seem to see Rigard kicking back (that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!) and suddenly I was just being pinged by these relentless AI attacks and the specials which are lame at 100%). I expended fully half my best heroes (EDIT: 3 x 5) to eliminate him. (And people moan about Plant Hero! (who cannot be named!) and dying just once!!)

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Was that regular Rigard (Clark Kent) or costumed Rigard (Superman)?



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Regular Rigard, my main account has been nowhere near as blessed as the one I actually NEVER use!! I have spent too much money!! These days? This whole covid thing? I may have to work for a whole 4 more years; that’s everything and a big ask

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