Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?

Well you are feeling sick about aid then your enemy should feel the same too! you have to bring your own aid at least 1 healer per team or more if you have that depth. impose more healers in your defense team for field aid with right amount of sustain and damage making it harder to take down your defense in a field aid war.

A defense down hero in your defense team for attack boost and a set of heroes who can delay the fight for arrows some one like Wilbur, Aegir, Vivica so that you make them more damage from the arrows… be more creative and adapt instead of complaining over a challenge! Amen!!

It would be a a bigger challenge to drop aid.

Ideas and suggestions aren’t complaints.

Never happen, it works against both sides, it is irrelevant.

Nope. I’m not the one protesting.

Won’t be voting for this. And it’s been requested before

Just a few threads in ideas and requests.


Sure, it is a good idea. Hence, it won’t happen. Stupid war rules that always seem to work for you when you win, and against you when you lose. Have you not noticed that the devs don’t even slightly care what players think? Ask the beta testesters where their advice goes! Why should there be a fair fighting board on war? Just to determine a fair winner??? Come on!

That’s a ridiculous response. You sound like a disillusioned gamer. You can’t PLAN for anything anymore in this game because of SGs manipulation of the tile boards to keep us throttled back and just underpowered so we’ll keep spending and portal pulling. He has a point. If you secretly code the board to drop less tiles of the hero colors your using + continue to keep attackers from using the same heroes on the battlefield against now fully emblemed defense teams + tweak field aid (yep, it fills faster and heals more - not to mention ghosting tiles fills it almost completely now) your PLAN is to hope for an extremely lucky board now. I’ve played this game everyday for over two years, spent $1000s like many of us, and have been #1 in ranking a bunch of times. I see the patterns. The boards are ABSOLUTELY rigged for $$$ making and no longer have a balanced play with all the gimmicks SG gets away with. I’m tired of gamers sticking up for greedy gaming corporations. Open your eyes and support gamers in your community. Field aid was once a challenge. Now it’s just plain ridiculous and its frustrating gamers. It most definitely needs fixed.


Sounds like you’re doing poorly and blaming everyone but the one person who has the most control over your results.

See my Avatar? The ice queen is judging you.

You suggest I sound like a disillusioned gamer. I’ve got no clue why, but kindly keep your characterizations to yourself.

I like this game. I’m eager to try and get Kingston. I may get him, I may not. I have about a 30 percent chance.

That’s the game.

Blaming “secretly programmed boards” for poor play is conspiracy theory land. May as well blame the lizard overlords in combination with Elvis and James Dean, working out of Area 102 - (which is twice as secret as Area 51) for all your Dawa pulls last Atlantis…


So this is where all these complaints are coming from. I knew there was a source.

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Yet all the collected data shows otherwise …

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I’m not sure what data you’re reading, but you’re disillusioned if you think there’s money to be made in designing a truly random system. Investors wouldn’t touch a gaming product if there wasn’t a system of control. I continue to play this game knowing that fact. Keep living in the dreamworld - SG won’t change their greedy ways as long as the community continues this debate (which is the reason I responded in the first place) - you’re part of the problem


I’m not sure you understand what exactly is random in the game.

The gems generated in the boards are stated to be random. Studies done by players (the data for which is available here in the forums if you care to search) demonstrates to a high degree of certainty that they are. The heroes drawn in the summons portals and in TC’s are random. The opponents in raids are (within certain defined limits) random.

I don’t know why you think they can’t make money based on that system. It is the randomness and the uncertainty of summons that actually drives their moneymaking.

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Not to take sides but, I will have to admit that is does seem that fequently if I outmatch an opponent by more than 200 points the tiles just seem to line up just right to ensure that I win with really big supercombos (not that I would even need extra help) and if I am losing really bad I will get those big combos to “save the day” but, in the opposite scenario I expect to lose but, the tiles often just don’t match in any useful kind of way (not that I would win anyway). I really could care less as whatever the game is, I am going to play.

I think it has a lot to do with style of play. I get much bigger combos when farming or playing the story than when raiding or in wars. Why? Because I am less concerned about the board status. When facing waves of weaker monsters before the boss level it is easy to get rid of the useless tiles and set up matches of the useful tiles.

If you are facing an opponent you are stronger than you get a similar sense. You are less worried about useless gems powering up your opponents’ mana so you get rid of them. If you are facing an equal or stronger opponent you are more likely to be wary of charging their mana and less likely to dispose of useless gems, which leads to a case where you use up the useful gems faster and have them replaced with often mostly useless gems (depending on your stack, 80% can be useless on average for mono).

So, use up useful gems and get 80% useless back. Use up useless gems and get 20% useful back. It’s how you play the boards.

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Honestly, if you think the boards are truly random, I wish I was playing your game or smoking the same stuff as you :joy::joy::joy:

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TBH I don’t think ANYTHING is truly random. What seems random to us is not sufficiently understood yet.

But I think the boards are sufficiently pseudo-random enough that it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think the boards are “truly” random… but if you add them all up together and divide by whatever, you end up with the expected whatever value, blah blah blah.

Yeah I’m obviously not even trying anymore. I’ll let the data keepers and mathematicians do all the exacto number crunching. Because if I try to make a claim one way or the other, someone is going to accuse me of something, either I’m just a whiny sore loser complainer who doesn’t understand maths or I’m a paid SG defender who is towing the company line… I never win any time I try to offer semi serious commentary on these sorts of topics. :roll_eyes:

So instead I’ll just give my half-assed, completely biased and uninformed, sarcastic tinged comedic take on how boards work in the game: the boards love to piss us off intentionally, every chance they get. You stack 5 reds against a green tank or green titan, “literally” every ■■■■■■■ tile on the board is green. Not literally literally, as the game’s algorithmathingy prevents combo matches from auto generating on starting boards, but you get the gist - basically the whole board hates you and your stupid red team and it isn’t going to give you a single ■■■■ red tile, until you’re just about dead, then it will give you a bunch of red tiles on purpose just to taunt you, knowing that you won’t have a chance to use a single one of them, because your titan timer only has 3 seconds left and the titan is hitting you with an animation that takes 6 seconds to complete.

Yeah. I get it. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt stating “I hit the titan and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”. But then you go in for another hit later… maybe not that hour, or that day, or even that week… but eventually, somewhere down the line, the game starts to feel sorry for you.

Example: you lose a bunch of raids in a row to crappy teams you should’ve been able to beat blindfolded with both arms tied behind your back, because your boards all resemble something your ex-wife’s cats left in the litter box after getting into the 5-day-old chili you threw in the trash (and neglected to take out to the curb in spite of her incessant nagging). You’re down 300 trophies and you’re thinking “what the actual ■■■■, this is a bunch of ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■, the game is totally rigged, it obviously hates me.” At this point you’re completely pissed off and you’re one raid loss away from pitching your phone straight through the wall like a steroid-infused baseball pitcher in a major league tryout. You no longer care, so you go in and revenge raid someone 1000 TP higher than you while screaming "This… is… SPARTA!!!" at the top of your lungs. Suddenly the earth moves, the clouds part, a golden ray of sunshine beams right down on your ■■■ and you get a board that dreams are made of, full of cotton candy rainbow unicorns, and you win without so much as a second swipe.

That’s RNG.

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Ever notice how the tile drops in war battles are more restrictive when stacking than in normal raids? Sure, there’s “randomization” with what’s dropped, but it’s within a controlled coding parameter or percentage range that discourages everyone from quintuple stacking and winning every fight with crazy tile damage. There HAS to be control on the board or no one would need to portal pull. You could simply emblem 4*s and quintuple stack one color and win almost ever time. To keep the $$$ rolling in, you have to keep portal pulling relevant. So there’s a pattern that SG implements to say the game is truly “random” - they tighten and loosen the algorithms in pockets so you’ll stay engaged. To keep it confusing, they’ll randomize when the pockets happen. But make no mistake. It’s all controlled. They want you to be dependent on what heroes you have and the specials you need to counter. It USED to be about swapping tiles, but now its about what heroes you have. THEN there’s the Titans - Holy COW have the Titan boards been slowly NERFED with each update. Overva year ago my average hit was 60K+, now I’m lucky to get above 40K AND I’VE NEVER CHANGED MY ATTACK TACTIC (Wu with 4 stack of opposing color) - with the introduction of emblems it’s gotten even worse. They want to keep us underpowered or throttled back so WE WILL PORTAL PULL the attack buff heroes AND/OR spend in the shop with the new items that help fight against Titans now. So I most certainly understand what random is in the gaming world. It doesn’t exist anymore in pay to play games. BUT there are better ways to balance play. Nerfing us and keeping us underpowered is NOT the key to longevity in keeping this game afloat. I stopped spending $$$ months ago because SG and Zynga are developing themselves into a corner. They need to figure it out before the community starts leaving in droves.

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I’ve been #1 in the world with this game so many times it’s boring. So I’m doing just fine. I’m not blaming anyone for anything. Just merely trying to get gamers like you to open your eyes and stop defending SG that they’ve developed a “fair” and “random” game. It’s designed for 1 purpose. Money. Instead of debating amongst ourselves, we should come together and make sure SG keeps the game balanced for their community.

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