Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?

The field aid during alliance wars is one of the MOST ridiculous things about this game. While battling a team close to the same power as mine, gives them the upper hand EVERY FN TIME! I’ll have one of their heros almost gone, with my heros nearly beaten as well, then field aid gives all of them nearly full health. This doesnt include their healers. Also, IF field aid is available then it should only be available ONCE! My most recent war (today) I had a team, literally 1k power less than I, be given field aid 3x and I ended up losing. PLEASE get rid of it or put a 1 time use on it. It ruins the fun of the game.

Next War is Field Aid, too. Be sure to opt out.

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well basicly your guild have option to “opt out” to avoid field-aid , well just think that as vacation to release your stress

Field Aid has cause me to lose a battle on countless time but as much as I hate it, I have to live with it as the opponents might be in exact situation as I am.

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I fully realize that the aid goes both ways, but all that means is that my opponents are as equally miserable as I am

  • Well said.
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Actually, no. :wink: It is just a way to compensate some of advantages that you as an attacker has in AW.
The benefits of an attacker are very well described in this topic:

All you need to keep in mind planning an AW hit is an invisible healer hero that present in any defense team. Think of it as an extra Hawkmoon that you can’t kill.


Ok, what you posted isn’t about AW. You posted a response on raids. Two totally different aspects of the game. Field aid gives an unfair advantage to the defensive side. With it, you really don’t have a need for a healer. Therefore an additional tank or other type can take its place. My comment is still valid. Thank you for responding though.

All of the advantages that I discuss about raids are also present for the attacker in war. You can choose which team to attack, which heroes to bring, which heroes to target, when and where to fire your specials, and how to play the board. I assume you are more skilled than the AI, which is pretty darn stupid when it comes to using special abilities.
In raids, the defense team gets a flat 20% attack bonus to try to balance those advantages. In war, the defense team gets one of three buffs (Field Aid, Arrow Attack, or Attack Boost) for the same reason.

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No. Raid and a single AW hit are the same: you deal with a once predefined defense team. You know its lineup and can choose heroes to attack defenders with a maximum efficiency. This is exactly what was described in the topic I linked.

I don’t care what anyone says, I love field aid. I don’t want alliance wars to be like raids. I do double digits raids every day. I like all of the AW defense team buffs. Are battles against field aid tougher, of course. I like that. Challenge me! As long as it is fair for both alliances (which it is) I’m all for it.

It is a known factor. You know it exists in your fights 24 hours before they start. You know exactly when it will happen in battle due to the gauge on top. ADAPT! Or perish…

Does it suck when an opposing hero is almost dead and field aid makes your fight harder? Yes. Does it make it less fun for me? No. Perhaps I am wired differently. I hope it stays.


Just need to have the right bench to deal with it. For field aid, I go all offensive so I can take an enemy from full health to dead with two or three heroes – sometimes one.


I believe Field Aid should stay. I’m new to the game and really enjoy the strategic thinking needed when choosing heros to challenge an opponent on the battlefield.

Before battle (armed with wisdom gleaned from this forum - thank you) I know my hero’s and their abilities, and i know the opponent before I choose to attack - so I plan. Colour stack or rainbow… I have a plan.

In the recent war I had clean up, so I stacked colours (my 3* maxed snipers) to dislodge corner 5* snipers… I was ready to ghost tiles to build up mana… However… those colours rarely came and the snipers tag-teamed to eliminate my heros (didn’t see that one coming). The damage I did do was undone by field aid. Yeah that was a pain but both sides have to contend with this when encountering field aid.

Field aid does not discriminate. I think it should stay.


I had to screenshot this team after I beat them this last war (field aid). One of our better raiders had already scored only 2 points on them. It took me until only 2 minutes and 30 seconds were left before the fight ended. It didn’t hurt me, but it wouldn’t die. Their alliance had a couple teams like this. The better one had a heavy hitter in it. We have never had so many single digit scores, not even vs Guin tanks. I’d go so far as to say in this setting… Aegir is OP.


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Wow, it were pretty close to be like this:


I’m sorry that I have to disagree that the advantages of raids are true in war. This may true for the first hit, but most mid to low level alliances don’t have teams with full rosters, so they are at a big disadvantage on hits starting at 2. I stand by my earlier comment that field aid is a pain, but tolerable for fully developed alliances, but does nothing but ruin the experience for lower level teams/alliances. How many players does it need to force to opt out war to make the point?

A billion.

Reminder, next War is Field Aid, too. Get your opt-out finger ready.

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And what did this add to the discussion?

Most likely a few laughs, including one from myself. Read enough of the forums and you’ll find that @Kayo often makes snarky remarks in threads. I see it as a way to lighten the discussion so it’s not taken too seriously.

While I agree that field aid is an evil spawn of the devil, I also use it to increase my skill in attacks. It makes me think more about the heroes I’m taking and who to kill off first. It’s supposed to be difficult. If everything was easy then what would be the point?


I would like to think the war score would compensate for the lack of depth in hero rosters when choosing an opponent. There’s been a lot of discussion about that already.

Could you imagine how much harder it would be for lower level players to be attacked by the same fully ascended 5* multiple times. Thank goodness each hero gets one turn.

Good communication within the alliance could add to more strategic hits in war - perhaps its the war strategy that needs to adjust? To agree with @rushfan1974 you “Adapt! or perish”.

There really is nothing wrong with opting out of war. It’s a great perspective cheering from the bleechers.

If you focus on leveling one single team to max, but leave all your other heroes as lowbies, you’re going to have trouble in both war and raids. If that one single team is 4*/5*, the problem becomes worse.

3* heroes are relatively easy to get and fast to level. They require no unfarmable ascension materials to fully ascend. And they have quite a decent array of effective powers.

A developing player should be able to get together 6 war teams of 3* relatively rapidly (order of a few months). And from this base, start adding 4* heroes where they are most useful. If you do this, war looks little different from rading in terms of ease of fights.


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