Can we increase the drop rate of gloves/compasses and blades/tomes

It is very frustrating to have 23 3* color specific ascension materials, 6 compasses and only one pair of gloves.

I know some people have it the other way around, and that Blades and Tomes situation is not much better.

For 3 months of playing, I have had only 2 pairs of gloves drop. one of which guarnateed from the rare quest, and 2 more I got from packs bought with gems.

So for 3 months playing I got only 1 pair as a random drop. I think something should be done about that.

At the very least I would like to convert those compasses to gloves somehow. Or even more packs with gloves would be nice.

Conversion of items has been discussed and many ideas are currently floating on forums to suggest it.

As far as drop rates they are completely random there’s nothing that can be done aside make more guaranteed options to get them (the rare quests). I have one compass to my 8 gloves… And my wife is almost exactly the opposite. Odds exist but by trying to control any of the draw is going to make things harder on everyone.

I’m not sure about Compasses and gloves. I seem to get plenty of those. Damascus blades appear to be less common, but they are available in more than one rare quest and have been available in sale packages. I’ve also received a few blades as rewards in the usual places including one mystic vision.

Tomes of Tactics are another issue. I’ve had alliance mates get them as treasure from titans etc, but I’ve only ever gotten them from the alternate Farnholme quest and they do actually need to be more available.

I have two accounts and have over 40 gloves/compasses on one account with about 15 to 20 of each on the other. I have under 10 damascus blades on each of my accounts. I have zero tomes on either account.


All I mean is that collecting 4 Capes/Shields/Orbs/Tools/Blades feels a lot less rewarding if you can’t use them.

I don’t want to touch on the odds of one versus the other, just on the overall odds for the neutral asencion materials.

I am fine waiting for color specific materials and getting more for one color, rather than the others, but neutral should be dropped more often imo.

I have had so far 11 sturdy shields, 8 warm capes, 6 orbs, 6 blades and only 4 Tools and I’m ok with that. My 4* ascension items look similarly. That is all fine. Just the neutral 3/4* odds to be increased :slight_smile:

I’m aware of the conversion discussions. I meant at very least I personally want it just for the neutral ones.

Yeah, I’ve heard tomes are the worst to get :smiley:

You definitely can get lopsided random pulls. Like the OP, my alt has 8 compasses but only 1 pair of fine gloves. Twelve assorted 4* items, but no darts or tomes of tactics.

It would be really nice to have a way to swap or exchange surplus rare mats for the ones we need. Lots of ideas kicked around for this on other threads.

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This really makes sense. If an item is required of all elements, then it ought to be more available.


Particularly when you think about what you need to advance a rainbow team:

5 compasses
5 gloves
4 trap tools
4 orbs of magic
4 warm capes
4 sturdy shields
4 hidden blades

Spot the difference?

I got 20+pairs of gloves. About 4 compasses (some of which I actually purchased, never got through game play) 1 damascus blade for about 6 5* heroes that need it and absolutely no tomes…So yeah, needless to say I keep playing everyday, fill up my chests and can’t ascend heroes, so now I have an abundance of half leveled heroes. And some of the ones I’ve actually been able to max have been from many mats that I’ve purchased through the ascension packs. Sad to say…

Tomes of Tactics are not available through purchase of Ascension packs.

Neither are Damascus Blades, though some times I wish they were :slight_smile:
I was thinking of 4*s sorry. Gloves/Compasses/Orbs, etc…

I am mostly free 2 play and so I have to count on quests to get any items I need for ascension. What I want is on those rare quests to start off with more important items that are needed. I can farm for bones and metal ore and all that tiny crap. Why have those items as rewards for completing that stage? And is 1 the only amount y’all can give? How about a glove and a compass or two gloves instead of a string and a tiny health potion. GEEZ! It is the same in the Mystic Vision. Usually I get 1 banner and 1 gem. What the heck kind of reward is that? It’s piss poor. Make the stuff we need fall more often. I understand everyone else gets dozens of mats they don’t need but most of us do not get any! If those mats are said to fall in MV and hero’s chests and what ever else the mats say they can be found, then put more in there for us to find. Just like the Easter event that just started. All those stages to go through and almost all of it isn’t worth playing that stage. Y’all can do better than that! And you should. I was so disappointed when I seen all your “rewards” what a joke. I enjoy the game but each day that passes with no needed mats coming in, makes me spend less and less. I guess I should spend my money on my Xbox.

I agree. I’m really strugling with having enough compasses. Countless quests, loots and such and I only leveled up 5 heroes in 6 months + months.

Or at least let’s make a trading centre so we can trade stuff we don’t need or have way too much of.

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