Can we have a "Strategy" section separate from General Discussion

I am firm believer that a forum like this is hugely helpful for a game for obvious reasons. Also, people really do need somewhere to complain and rant about whatever they perceive as unfair in the game. The problem is that both of those happen in the same spot on this message board. Could we please have a strategy section that would be devoid of any complaining so that those of us that just want that information won’t have to wade through all of the bitching that goes on here?

Also - war counter. It’s WAY overdue. :slight_smile:

EDIT - can we move that section to the top underneath General Discussion so that it gets the use it should? Most people still post that stuff in GD.

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Thanks - I might have found that if it wasn’t at the bottom of the list. Bad placement there.

no problem 20 characters

And adjust the description of the Gameplay & Tactics category to suggest posting strategy advice requests instead of just sharing strats.

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Currently undergoing work on the server or is that section up and moving?

When is season 3 stage 4 starting? It’s a nice season

There is always a timer for the next section to open…:sunglasses:


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