Can we have a schedule of events please?


Once in awhile, one of my alliance members will share a schedule of events or mysteriously know when an event is. Is there a way we could have a schedule of rare & thematic events, so that we could just… y’know… KNOW??

I guess it makes sense to keep it clandestine from a money-grubbing perspective, so people still do elemental summons.

Whatevs. :slight_smile:

Anyhow… if anyone happens to have gathered an August / September schedule of rare (elemental) events, and at least a basic idea (or confirmation) of the next events, could they share it? I’ve heard that Avalon is 8/13, do we know already when Pirates are coming?


Events typically start the 2nd Thursday of the month.

August is Avalon
September is Pirates
October is Grimmforest

They generally follow the same rotation


Hey! Thanks for the reply!

I’m aware of the basic rotation, and (with the exception being Grimforest on June 7) the 2nd Thursday rule.

What I would prefer, however, is to have an actual Calendar. I think Morlovia is next… is that coming on 8/9? Is that coming 9/31 or 2/30? Just would be nice to have one place to go – “Oh, cool, i’ve got Mount Umber on 8/7, gotta make sure I log in to get my rings… etc”

It may not seem like a big deal to a bunch of folks but I can’t be the only one.


Ah gotcha! Yes I agree I don’t have that info but it would be helpful!


Time between rare quests is not always the same, but it typically varies between 8-10 days.
And apparently most of the times before rare quest there is “collect gems II” quest, so if you see that about a week after previous rare quest, you can expect for it to pop up next.


Morlovia is due any day now.
Might be when the Gems II quest expires


According to this schedule it’s Shiloh Desert now


ooohhh so close. :slight_smile: I got excited for a second. I’ve seen that spreadsheet but would love the devs to release one with actual dates in advance.


oh yea. oops. well… still. it’s a “thing” that qualifies under rare events and so on :smiley:


My bad, I was thinking yellow and not the name of the quest.

Waiting on poison darts to ascend Guinevere - so hopefully it happens soon


I’ve got 8 darts (soon to be 9 after the event) and zero 5* yellow. Haha… Would love a Guin… or at least a Drake Malfoy Lee Fong the Fourteenth


I’m on the same boat, except I have 16 darts now :wink:


The event date is actually the Thursday before the second Saturday of the month, which is not necessarily the second Thursday of the month and why the Fables event seemed to come a bit earlier than normal. I don’t have the link, but this was confirmed by someone at SG. Petri, I believe.


That is quite specific. Thank you. Would be nice to have it posted in an easy to reach location.


The rare quests are actually kinda random typically spaced 7-10 days in between. What I look for starting at day 7 is the gems 2 quest. That quest usually precedes the rare quest.


Hope this helps: @TomV93 posted…
Rotation : Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimforest, Gardians of Teltoc, Knights of Avalon Gardians of Teltoc (July 2018 …) [TableauTeltoc_v2_anglais]Knights of Avalon (August 2018 …) [[TableauAvalon_V2_g( of Corellia (September 2018 …) [TableauCorellia_V2_anglais]Fables of Grimforest (October 2018 …) [TableauGrimm_V2_anglais]French version : 4 events mémos :handshake:


What’s R/E/L?
I can add this photo in quest calendar
A do a list of event calendar


Ah wait a min I think I got it lol World energy costs for Regular, Expert and Legendary


Rare, Epic and Legendary.


OP, I know this is late, but someone necro’d the thread and I read it before looking at the dates.

First, there are two things twisted together here that should be know as separate: events and rare quests. It is a bit worse than that since devs call some quests rare as opposed to common.

The events a/k/a “special” events are themed. These are covered in the link Manule provided above. The seasonal events very similar, but timing may vary.

“Rare quests” started out way back in the day, but now they run in a set order but are spaced out in a variable 7-10 days between them.

There are player guides you can find in search which is where you go first