Can we get autobattle in raids?

That way I won’t have to sit and watch my futile attempts or, when these powerhouses decide to destroy me, they won’t have to work so hard. I know I don’t have to revenge battle but that’s not how I want to play and would really like an autoplay button.

There is a “Flee” icon in the upper right during raids/AW hits, so just use that if all hope is lost during an attack.


Never! No retreat. No surrender. Fight to the death! :grin:


It’s PVP stage. It’s not PVE content.

PVP must be harder

Very true! You never know when an unexpected Combo x 20 could come along. :wink:

See also:


I once watched Autoplay sabotage a strong-color diamond that I had stacked heroes for… in favor of hitting a match-3 of a different color.

You don’t want Autoplay on raids. You will lose. Every single time.

I mean… unless you enjoy the act of cup-dropping at the cost of Raid Energy. I guess that’s ONE thing that such a feature would change.


Need this feature now!

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