Can we get a "which hero to use" forum or mega thread?

I get that this is a general forum but when we get so many if the same variation of question maybe it’s time to help? Trying to read though these types of forum posts is getting repetitive, when if it was any other repeated question people would scream “use the search” function. All I am saying is a dedicated place to direct these questions we could link player questions to would go a long way.

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We have it. It’s called Gameplay and Tactics

You sure? I mean I see the forum but I see soooooi many posts in general.

Can you describe the difference between existing “Gameplay” forum and a place you are proposing?
So far it seems to me that it will shortly become exactly the same as an existing firum: lots of repeated questions and correspondent answers or links to existing topics or posts.

Just to give my 2 cents. My real life usage of this forums is to read the new topics for the General Discussion, Player Guides, and Gameplay & Tactics categories. I’m thankful this content is categorized so I don’t have to spend time reading the title of EVERY post on the forume to determine if its content might interest me.

I haven’t logged in since Friday so to summarize the relevant content of the forums:
3 of the last 8 new topics in G&T are personal roster advice topics.
18 of the last 48 new topics in General Discussion are personal roster advice topics.

So a third of the content on GD should be in G&T, but it isn’t.

I would love a separate personal advice category, so that I could straight up ignore that category because I don’t want to read personal roster advice topics as they have little benefit to me. I would rather use the forum search in the future when I end up with the tough decision of spending Tonis on Kadilen or Elkanen.

That being said, an extra category will probably never properly be used like it currently isn’t done for G&T. What’s the solution? Better category descriptions? More effort from the moderators and community to berate users into using the proper category?

Edit: Just had some extra thoughts. This post should probably be in the Ideas/Features category right? lol Irony…
Also, could we get an E&P complaints category.

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