Can we get a "daily" indicator on the summon portal? (QOL Improvement)

So since the Path of Valor came out I have started to hoard summon tokens in all shapes and sizes after I filled my summon challenge. Currently I am sitting on 189 tokens waiting for the next POV to come around so I can use them towards my summon challenge. The only issue is that now it is very hard to see in game when your daily summon is available.

My suggestion is quite an easy one. On the portal you get a red number at the right corner and underneath it sais free in red. Well it could be nice for a red Daily to show up underneath the gate just like the “free” indicator. Once in the portal you could put the daily icon next to the free icon on the daily summon tab.

In short, a visiual representation in game on the main screen under the portal and on the daily summon tab when the daily summon is available.

It sucks, yes… But don’t you get the notification when it becomes available?

Yeah you get a push notification once it becomes available. Issue is that if you are in game when it becomes available you won’t get it.

Second issue is that sometimes I have several E&P push notifications and don’t read every single one every time, especially not when in a hurry.

Agree… there could be a timer were its says free and free just appears when daily available…
And the number on top just showing the number of tokens/daily makes a lot more sense to me…
Already suggested this but idk were

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when you remove the daily summon, the purple clock will jump on you

I would prefere a time Line optik Like the style when mana ist full

When its full there is your free Summon

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