Can we get a 4* ice elemental defence down please

Every other element has a 4* elemental defense down hero that we can get our hands on without dishing out wads of cash. Why doesn’t ice?

Probably figured Nordri was enough.

We’ll get one eventually, no doubt. Until then, Nordri will do.

He’s ok but he dies too quick. Its like the ai knows i need him lol

Isn’t Grimm a 4* defence down?
Target and nearby enemies get -34% for 6 turns…

The OP is talking about elemental defence down, like Jackal, Falcon, Costume Leonida, Costume Marjana, Frida, King Arthur, Evelyn, Almur, Sergei, Guardian Panther, etc.

Blue/Ice is the only of the five elements not to have a 4* EDD.

To be fair, not sure if any of the other elements have a 3* EDD?


sorry yes missed that key word when reading the OP.

If we get one EDD 4* blue it’s likely to be a single target hero like jackal

Costume Kiril lowers the defense of all enemies by 34%.

I hadn’t noticed this until I saw this post. Plenty standard def down heroes in blue but no 4* Elemental Def down. Nordri is okay but a 4* one would be nice. And why would it be a single hit hero? The only 4* EDD hero who hits a single target is Jackal. Falcon(Red) and Almur(Green) hit 3 while Sergi(Purple) hits all. I think they should just consider upgrading Nordri to a 4* hero. Seems the quickest and best fix to me

Game Well :sunglasses:

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And he shall be named Prince Arthur.


I agree with @Leenz it is a little unfair to blue, that only Nordri brings elemental defense down in the Ice camp.

Either bump Nordri up to 4* or give us a new hero that has elemental defense down.

Yes, this may require elemental defense down heroes for all the other 3* heroes in every color.

Bumping nordri up to 4* would really solve the problem pretty quick. He’s a really good 3* and would be even better as a 4*.

Falcon, Jackal, Sergi, Almur but no blue…

Come on its about time, seriously lacking

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