Can we discuss Aegir


But I didn’t want him for a tank I wanted his ability to stack very well


For my offence. Team


i see… yea i love stackable specials, hugely beneficial. I feel your pain with D team setups, seems i just dont have the options to make a viable one, guess that’s one way to keep some of us spending.

Troops are what I’m focusing on now then will start scoping out and spending for specific heros that seem to missing pieces for defense such as guin, panther, gravemaker, etc


Sounds like a plan lol panther and guinn escape me every time but I still have a blast finding ways to win :wink:


Aegir seems to be useless.
Is Mitsuko the hotm january?


I loved. Maybe you don’t really understand the properties


Just wish there was some sort of statement from SG. Either “we are aware of the issue” or “we feel Aegir is in a good place where he’s at” anything one way or another at the least. :frowning:


I suspect they will wait a while before any adjustment - see how things pan out. They have been buffing some under used heroes recently, so there is hope of a buff eventually, if Aegir under performs.


For tomorrow it’s already late, in this and in other cases, Wolf, etc. Unless you are Zero or Uclapack, getting 6 telescopes is an inhuman task and, today, Aegir does not take them.


Right, so just keep him at 1-1 and if they buff him enough to look interesting then level. And as long as you do all the quests and keep filling chests, you should get enough telescopes in 6 months or so to ascend…or at least that’s what I’ve been experiencing…


To be fair the buffs to wolf, kelile, elkanen etc really haven’t made them much better…they are a little better but there is no fundamental changes to the problems inherit to the hero.


But others have gone from nearly useless to useful…some of them it took more than one buff. They clearly want to take little steps forward, rather than wanting to over buff and then have to nerf…and I think they are taking the right approach.

I have Aegir, so believe me I would love to see a buff. Based on past experience I just don’t think it will happen soon, or be major change - just a minor adjustment or two.


I think something wrong is with the game when such a rare hero as HOTM is 1/1. He’s useless for war attack so that his destiny is to be one of “maybe one day I’ll need him” heroes.

Really? Is that a hero of the month?


I understand incremental changes but God is he painful to see in my hero list. Constantly being reminded of his current state.


No, Mitsuko is a Season 2 5*. Not sure when we’ll see her released, sometime in the next three months. Probably last of the current three, because we just had Mok-Arr.


Aegir is not useless I seriously doubt everyone posting here has Guinevere. However if you don’t have Guinevere, gravemaker, zeline, aeron, ares, hel, Alasie then at that point maybe aegir is good for you he’s comparable imho to justice or even boss wolf as a tank… but I don’t think boss wolf is awful either he’s usable especially if you have a lvl 23 mana troop. At that point boss wolf is slow cast and when his special kicks in he’s permantly average cast. That’s not to awful.

My issue with aegir is he’s blah and easily countered and given a choice between him and Justice I’d ptobably take justice.


There was a statement by SG. They released him - there’s your statement.

People were poo-poo’ing drake too. You don’t hear that anymore.

Someone in my alliance got aegir recently and was excited. I’m not gonna say “we’ll people think he’s not very good.” You play the cards you get.

Do we really expect SG to make a statement with each hero that they support them? Now does that really sound realistic?

It’s one thing to post concerns or thoughts on a hero. To ask for a statement though? They do it now and people will demand it for all heroes that they see as weak, even the ones they later realize are petty good.


Who is Mitsuko and what does she do?


Mitsuko is a purple hero. Her ability is a little Bit like Hel s ability. She will be in season 2.


Is she an Atlantian?