Can we discuss Aegir

First off this is not a rant or complaint but rather just an overall review and observations.whike I know he is new I received Aegir on October 1st and have been toying with him since.

While my opinion is he is very sub par for a 5* let alone a hero of the month and not worth final ascension, I will try to explain using facts as much as possible rather than opinions. Let’s begin:

• His special only effects himself and nearby allies. This right off the bat means he should not be used in the furthest most right or left flank. While it is obvious he was mentioned to tank in the center or first right/left flank, it means he is or was pidgen holed to a specific position right from the get go

• His ability speed is average lasting 3 turns (other than self heal.) This means Aegir can potentially cast his ability and never a hero may never benefit from it. Weather if a nearby hero is never hit or does not have enough time to attack themselves, the ability can be negated no only by avoiding the heroes under the effect or just by game mechanics alone.

• His healing coponent only works on normal attacks. This means matching tile colors when attacking or auto attack on defense. While it maybe nit picking using a hero like Boril’s perfect reposit with Aegir does not heal when Aegir counter attacks. The same when using heroes that grant minions such as Athena. While the minion is attacking not the hero, when a minion hits a hero of the opposite color it dies increased dammage as if coming from that specific hero. Likewise hitting a hero that us your dominate (such as blue hero hitting green) the minion damage is reduced. This seams like a double standard that Aegir gets penalized twice for.

• His ability is easily countered by a simple clense. A 4* hero can completely counter a 5* with an ability many heroes have in multiple color variations.

• The shared health life link is mediocre at best. Only ranging his nearest allies vs Wilbur (a 4*) linking all 5 heroes together. Now yes Wilbur also casts life link on his enemies a simple clense removed it from all enemies. But for Aegir linking only 3 heroes including himself, you are not gaining much benefit excluding single target snipers. Any hero that hits your entire team will do the same damage to your heroes weather life link is active it not. The same goes for heroes specials that target 3 heroes and hit your 3 heroes under life link. The damage will be distributed among the 3 heroes reguardless.

• The life link can do more harm than good. While Aegir grants a armor buff to nature this can be circumvened with standard mechanics. Let’s say Aegir is in the center position, a red hero to his left, a green to his right. Your opponent stacks blue, and waits for Aegir to use his special. One the special is active the trigger all of thier blue heroes on the red hero to Aegir’s left. The blue damage is increased against red and then shared to Aegir and the other hero linked. To add insult to I just if this does not work out your 3 linked heroes in one turn they can ckense the ability before any bonus could result if the ability.

• The armor boost can be negated without clense, with using a hero that has armor reduction such as Grimm. While this is not as effective as a clense it can negate a portion of the special.

So is there anything that can be done to add synergy to Aegir or tweak him without making him too strong? I maybe biased due to being jaded by this hero but here is my opinion:

Add one more turn to the duration of the life link but keep it dispellable. Or maybe make it if the duration does not last the full 3 turns 25% of the Mana cost is returned to the hero.

Make the life link reach all 5 heroes. With it being dispellable and the fact the damage is still received I don’t think this is unreasonable for a 5* hotm.

Lastly add a slight change to the healing coponent of the ability for specials. Make it "100% of normal damage and 25% of special damage is returned to the hero as health.

Any other constructive ideas?


In my opinion, Aegir is designed to be the tank of wu Kong. He shares hits with Wu Kong and Wu Kong provides him with the normal damage which heals back to Wu Kong. He’s a tank of doing the titans. Wu Kong without Aegir is weak for high level titans.


I can’t agree with that. Wu’s chance to miss would negate the heal ability from Aegir.

Would be better using Wilbur a more common 4* then


Have you really tried it? Wu doesn’t miss all the times. He has 2/3 chances to land.

he was chopped down to relatively useless. should have left his skill alone from beginning made him slow mana

buuuut guin is average mana so therefore they want to seem like they are making tanks that compete with guin but cant because when used with guin they are overpowered

same thing happened to boss wolf so they made him very slow mana

let’s look at tanks that SG first produced. Horghall and Justice. used to be considered solid tanks before Guin. Everyone understood they were slow mana because of they’re stats and effecting all opponents when special skills would go off that would make them harder to kill

SG broke that mold and shot themselves and the game in the foot

Now they cant make another competitive tank because they refused to nerf guin to slow mana which she should have been in first day of design process and avoided this problem altogether

Players wouldnt have known different, p2w players wouldn’t have a chance to rant and rave about her

She would still be one of the best tanks in the game but would allow SG to design other tanks

You’re 100% right. Aegir is relatively useless. But that won’t change with any new tank produced until Guin dilemma is solved. Sad it has taken this long.

And i know all the cheerleaders will be here soon chanting “guin is beatable”, " i beat guin all the time", " dont nerf guin" blah blah blah.

Now yes guin is beatable and I beat guin on a regular basis. It doesn’t change the fact that she has become a huge obstacle when trying to design any other tank options.



Of course I tried I have wu maxed and I would not have claimed to create this post based off experiences and observations had I not done so.

Even if you where correct (and I still disagree with your statement) it would be a bonus more so to Wu and not to Aegir.

I don’t want this to turn into a Guinevere bashing post as we have several on the forums but you have valid points. The point now is to bring awareness to the developers. If the players don’t contribute constructively it takes far longer for them to see there maybe an issue.

This brings us back to what can be done to assist Aegir without making him a must have to compete like other heroes who I shall not name?

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Isn’t Aegir the best Blue tank available so far, though?
Isn’t Aegir on par with Ares, though?

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God no he is far from being the best blue tank. Given the choice of Aegir and Boril (a 4* blue) I would take Boril.

While people would argue what is “the best <insert color/roll here>” you have Thorne, Richard, Magni, king Arthur, that you would be much better off with than Aegir.

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aegir is not on par with ares. I don’t even see a comparison:

richard is probly only regular blue 5* i would tank with

outside of regular blue 5* alasie would be next choice and maybe even a first choice over richard

Yeah, it is probably the best blue tank so far but no, it is not like Ares.
Ares increase your damage output, making your team stronger for the time the buff is on.
Aegir do not do that. He merely take time for your team to charge. So for the time the buff is on the other heroes are not more dangerous.

I don’t really think he is “useless” and people who have him should invest on him if they want a good cups range.

Sadly he has 2 weak spots.
First: dispel. Green is really full of dispellers and all top players have Zeline. And she literally make him worthless.

Second: he is meant only for defence. I mean, the attack healing is huge and make your team quite invincible, but thats good only raiding. All best titan/event hitters go for the attack rather then defence, so no one would use him there.

So investing in a hero good only tanking have another very possible consequence: the very moment another better tank come out it makes him useless.

Thats the case for Guinevre. The very moment a better central appear Guinevre simply cease to be a must have hero and became a useless one.


Aegir and Ares are similar, though Ares at least guarantees one tick of healing. But note that Ares isn’t seen much as a tank these days with the advent of 5* dispellers.

One problem with Aegir is the Heal-from-damage (HFD) concept. Someone in SGG thinks this is a powerful skill, but the player base hates it. Leonides, Elkanen, Musashi—all are hated on or (in the case of Musashi) viewed as solid for reasons other than HFD. I’ve used Musashi a lot, and other than titans I can’t recall HFD ever making a difference—though it’s a subtle skill to gauge.

One problem with HFD, especially on defense, is that heroes don’t attack every round. It’s entirely likely that a hero won’t get a single HFD point from Aegir because (a) they fired their special instead of using their slash or (b) the are left of Aegir and slashed in the same round that Aegir casts.

Extending at least the HFD to 4 rounds would help. Another idea might be to share HFD across the link, as well as damage.

Another issue I have with Aegir is that spirit link without a defense debuff can hurt more than help. Consider Wilbur, who casts a link on foes to hurt them. A low-defense neighbor to Aegir creates a way of inflicting a lot of damage to him. If he casts when one or more of his allies has a defense debuff, all the worse.

To fix this, I think Aegir ought to have a modest defense buff(say 30% like Kiril) to clear any defense debuff and make the link an asset… alternatively he could have a cleanse on self and nearby.


I can figure that players could make good use of him on titans, expecially against the rare tiger.

This could be fixed by simply extending his life link from 3 (himself and 2 nearest allies to the entire team, evenly distributing the damage received. This may also make up for heroes under this effect being dispelled quicky or not getting a chance to take advantage of the effect. You are likely to get at least one of 5 heros to utilize the ability vs 3 it uses now. Even if a hero has a cleanse at least you would have a better chance with a single round proc.

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There’s already kiril who can defend and even boost your attack.

I honestly don’t see myself switching him (615 attack) for Kiril, Isarnia, Athena, Alasie, Magni Perseus or even Grimm (all of them 700+ attack apart Kiril, but he has the boost).

Even more funny, i would not put him in place of Boril, as riposte against high level titans is incredibly good (i switched a full Azlar with an almost full Elena, and it’s crazy better)

almost sounds like you suggest he be restored to his original version or am i misreading?(been awhile since i have seen the original but I’m pretty sure he had a kiril type buff back then)

I liked his original build far better, even at slow mana.


He is far, far from being the best blue tank, I would also prefer Boril over him.

Even Isarnia, a regular 5* would be a better tank than him.

@Streets is right, I also have Aegir, and even when he is my first 5 :star: hero at all, I can´t find any single position, in attack or defense, where he could be a major improvement.

I think even Gunnar, a simple 3 :star:, has a better spirit link than him, it covers all the team, lasts 5 turns and comes with 63% defense increase.


Kiril would be the easier to replace but maybe I find it interesting only due my lack of good bue heroes…
And you just make me come in mind a question: would shared damage be able to be counterattacked?

I only have Obakan and Elena out of these five but it could be interesting to battle this team