Can we discourage the "titan hoppers?"

Why are people allowed to join a clan, attack a titan once, leave the clan, and (assumingly) reap the benefits like they did an equal share of work to take down a titan? Can we set a delay timer on new members who join clans for attacking titans and joining wars?
Thanks for reading my first post!

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Set your alliance to invite only. Problem solved.



  • If people join after the titan has spawned, loot is reduced.
  • The current PoV titan quest has meant more people are mercing to complete this - 35 titans in 50 days higher than a certain level.

If your alliance is concerned about mercs, set the alliance to invite only, as @KLinMayhem has suggested - No uninvited people can join. GL.

Ps. Congrats on your first post.


A suggestion that I’ve floated in a couple line groups that would remove this in terms of the Path of Valor requirement is to change the rule to being the same as reduced loot.,

So meaning that PoV only increases the count if you get full Titan loot.

Means that the following situations would exclude you from getting PoV counter raised:

  • Not present in alliance at time of titan spawn
  • <20 since previous titan kill (triggered only when you leave & join an alliance).

This would eliminate the “Titan Poachers” or “Titan Hoppers” which have become extremely prevalent since the start of Path of Valor (valour)


For sure, let’s kill a social part of a game that’s reaping the benefits of being a social game.


Poachers are bad

Mercs that help alliances that otherwise wouldn’t clear their titans during this PoV help the game and let everyone meet new friends.

It’s an attribute, not a bug.

If they truly want to shut down this moving about then for the love of god give us a toggle where we can hold our Titan level and prevent an increase during the event. This whole “hold the kill til the last hour” mechanic to try and not get a Titan level increase that fracks everyone over and is entirely a game mechanic conceit is equally silly and more annoying than mercs.


I have no issue with mercs.

I have an issue with players panicking about the PoV requirement and running around, jumping into alliances unrequested, killing their titan before their members have a chance to all hit it then bailing…

Attribute or Bug, its a problem.


Thanks for the information! Our alliance has been hovering between 23 to 25 members for quite a while. We would like to get more members so I’ve kept it open but raised the trophies but there seems to be hoppers at all levels. If it was invite only, couldn’t people just request to join, be accepted, hit titan once and leave as well? I understand they would be discouraged because it would take longer, but the implement I’d like to see is a delay on new members joining from hitting titans/entering wars.

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Toggle menu on names in global chat “invite to alliance” would allow alliances to be invite only and allow members to get help when needed

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It could yeah. But that feature has been requested a fair bit over the years and hasn’t gained much traction :stuck_out_tongue:

I made my suggestion as it is
a) in keeping with SGG policy with titans and
b) already exists as a mechanism in the game code… all the PoV code would need to do is change from “got loot” to “Got non-reduced loot”

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That hasn’t been my experience. We were doing fine with our titans, but quick kills from titan hoppers would bump us up to where we had to fail at least 2-3x to get a doable titan again. We were bumped as much as 3 stars above our usual level before we set to Invite Only. We were open because we wanted to invite new members, what we got was 2 weeks to fill a 5-titan chest.

Out of all of the titan visitors, only one was social. They’ve almost never communicated with us, even when greeted. I’m not trying to start an argument with you, I’m just telling you what life in a small open alliance was like for 2 weeks before we closed it. We even considered “maybe some of them are really alliance shopping”, but eventually it just felt disrespectful.

We were a target for people to complete this challenge. People came and went all day, many only hit the titan if the HP was low enough for them to kill. People would join and leave within one minute, never say word, all day. You really do start to feel like a doormat after a while. Eventually we had to close the membership; we spent more time waiting for titan stars to drop than killing an appropriate size, we couldn’t fill our own titan chests, the A+ loot drops were being taken by visitors when we did kill one, and only one person ever bothered to say hi, bye, or thank you about it. Thankfully we worked it out and even found more recruits in the process, but I still think this titan challenge was not thought out well enough. We never saw this kind of uninvited mercing before POV.

Again, I’m not trying to attack you Halifax, but I’ve seen similar comments throughout the POV about this and I’m not sure if large alliances of strong players really understand what this looks like from the other side. Honestly, it’s not very fun, social, helpful, or respectful at all, and really it just left us feeling like we were being farmed.


Technicallly yes, but in actuality they don’t seem to want to take that extra step. We’ve had nobody do that since we went Invite Only about a week ago.

How often does this scenario actually happen? Unless an alliance posts somewhere asking for mercs to help how would titan hoppers even know they exist? I did a little bit of pov mercing but I’d only join alliances that posted on peer support. Not sure how I would go about finding a random alliance that has an almost dead titan that didnt request help anywhere. Unless people are literally just using the search alliance tool and joining random alliances until they find a low hp titan to kill. Is that what’s happening? If so, I agree with y’all that that’s annoying but can easily be solved by changing to invite only.

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If mercs help kill the Titan, then it helps the Alliance reach the goals on the Path of Valor, correct?
Loot’s already meh. If it helps us reach the PoV goals, I’m considering opening our alliance (Grey Company Mercenaries, provided all players agree) back up and putting out a welcome mat for mercs.

FYI - only alliance members with elder status or higher can accept people who want to join, if your alliance is set to invite only. So, your alliance can control who enters.

Most of my alliance mates are elders or higher, but we know noone is allowed entry unless they have first made contact with our leaders. We are very picky about who we let in. GL :smile:.


Apparently so, we had a revolving door at the front gate all day.

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In the short term, yes. In the long term, you could end up killing fewer titans as you deal with inflated titan stars (this is what happened to us).


I know for a fact that this was happening…

I witnessed a gang of players from a high level alliance going “Titan Hunting” near the start of PoV… Essentially a couple members would just randomly join alliances & then post in Global or AR the titan & HP… then half a dozen other members would join too & then poach the titan…

It 100% is happening & 100% did happen & 100% will happen again…


Honestly when I’m dealing with a titan I’m way more concerned with getting to at least a B grade than I am with getting the pov point. If random people started joining my alliance and killing it before I got to a B or A grade and I consistently got stuck with C and D grades I’d be pissed. Especially since we do fine on our own. Not a problem my alliance has to deal with since we face 14*, are full and invite only but you get the idea. And you might be right that titan loot can be meh at times so its important that you give yourself the best chance at better loot and you can only do that with higher grades.

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We had two A+ loots in a row taken by an uninvited merc. That was the line for us.


Damn that’s shady. Didn’t know people were going to such lengths. Seems like enough people are posting asking for help so this shouldn’t happen. Simple fix tho with the invite only option.