Can we delegate teams to have different roles?

I’m not sure if that has been suggested already, but here it goes.

Now that we have 5 teams, we might as well expand on this functionallity a bit, as to me in their current version, we might as well have only 2 team slots - one for defence and one more for everything else.

Can we delegate teams to do other stuff, just like we are selecting a defence team?

One of the things that annoys me the most, as it happens a lot to me, is that after I edit my titan team, I forgetin 90% of the cases to switch to my world farming team.

So my suggestion is to select one preffered team for world farming, so when we select a world stage it will automatically get selected, and when we select attack on titan (lol) we are given our delegated titan team to edit (if we want to).

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