Can we 'clear up' what wiping an entire alliance does to the refresh timer in AW?

Quick question here - long explanation.

I’ve never been able to notice this (and we’ve wiped alliances and been wiped) - but what does that do for the reset time on the NEXT refresh for teams that are killed after the alliance is wiped?

For example - if 10 members were at 6 hours and 20 were at 8 hours, if they get killed again, do they ‘stay’ at 6 and 8 hours or do they get BUMPED to 8 and 10 hours? Or maybe they all reset back to 6 hours. I don’t know, which is why I am asking :slight_smile:

The reason I ask is that depending on the answer, there may be a reason to push for/invest in a full wipe or not. In my alliance - when we have had wipe opportunities it usually means potentially inefficient use of hits or teams to make it happen - a decision we may not make if we can get more value/points by NOT wiping them with those hits/teams.

Example 1: it’s late and the refresh will give you another shot at weak teams - obviously worth it
Example 2: if they all reset to 6 hours and there’s >6 hours left - worth it because you can take out those weak teams an extra time
Example 3: if they all go back to their current refresh - may be worth it - depends on how much time is left and what teams you can take out another time after the refresh
Example 4: if they all get bumped up anyways to the next ‘tier’ of refresh - maybe not worth it - likely the value proposition is harder to justify but there may be corner cases (this probably more would be like example 1)

I’m hoping this all makes sense…

Thanks in advance!


Forcing a reset is always worth it.

Based on what?

We were reset with <5 hours to go and all the teams of value were going to refresh once more anyways. They spent a LOT of hits finishing off our top teams to get that refresh when they could have just waited anyways - they just killed those teams earlier and could have probably done more damage to us with those hits on our mid-tier teams.

Forcing a reset is NOT always worth it. It is worth it if you time it well and take advantage of it after you complete the reset. The key value in a reset is that it makes it possible to kill some opponents 4 times instead of the non-reset limit of 3 times/war.

That said, the timers do NOT bump forward. If they did it would eliminate the value of the reset.

Take a peek here for useful war strategy info including when to reset and how to manage the post-reset phase to maximize points:

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Thank you for confirming what I was hoping for, sorry I missed that thread initially.

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You’re welcome. I think almost everyone did :wink:

Players I have booted how to reset the boards to remove them

Do you mean they are currently sitting as ex-members on your field? In that case they will disappear after the battle scene is gone.

They won’t be on the field for the next war.

Ok thx how to reset the boards for war so alot easier to fight

I’m not sure what you’re saying about resetting the boards. Is that a question?

Yes people say you can reset the boards so much easier people to fight

For any reason one member slipped out to the field, when it was supposed to be opted out, and you only realized that after matchmaking is done, ask the person to take at least one hero out of the war team. If it happens, by the time the war starts, that team will be abandoned by the system, and there’ll be a redistribution of points among the alliance.
However, your alliance will be with the disadvantage of six flags.
In your case, before expelling a member right before the war, you can ask the person to do the same mentioned above, because the system doesn’t allow leaders to control who’s going to battle.

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