Can we be positive for a bit please?

Recently there has been some unhappiness in the forum, now that is to be expected in a forum but the reality is that this is a community forum where standards do need to be upheld and enforced at times.

You might say, “why should I care @sft1965”?

Well you should because communities are usually based on consensus where you don’t have to agree with something you just need to accept or be able to live with the majority view at times.

“Well, what can I do?”.

The like button is there for a really good reason and I use mine pretty liberally. Just press the button if you liked, agreed with or like the posters input. Pay something forward in the hope that quality content will ensue. I give out likes at times to posts I don’t totally agree with but are well argued and articulate.

“What do you call unhelpful @sft1965?”

A post that conveys absolutely nothing, like those “if you don’t like it go away and play puzzle combat instead” or my favourite, the implied “the interwebs are not big enough for the two of us”. News time, it is.

So could anyone who reads this give the idea some consideration because some of the commentary is undignified coming from adults, while other input can make me smile for hours and the wealth of talent, skill and advice available here for the asking is hugely important. The people who put a light hearted spin on things we all of us have thought at times just adds a layer of enjoyment that makes it worth coming back to.

If anyone has some positive input on what we can do to be civil to each other please feel free to add it below. (I’ll be your friend). :grinning:

Thank you for your time.


I have to tread on eggshells with what I’m allowed to post here currently. Hopefully I am allowed to say that I like this post and agree 100% with the sentiment. :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely. Not everything is black or white. There are tones of blue, yellow, green and whatever in the middle.

And sometimes absolutely disrespectful. If someone has nothing to say, then shutting up is better option.

I’d like to add something:
This is a game. Just enjoy it. Life is already enough hard. I play to E&P because I really like it, I have some fun and I sometimes play jokes with the members of the alliance. If someone is constantly angry, frustrated, annoyed because of this game, then he/ she should make a pause and wonder himself/ herself if the time spent here is worthy.

Thanks for your words. :wink:



You bad boy you!

I’ve also been bad…

I’m glad your back. I thought you got Covid or something

Sorry for off-topic.
I will accept the flag without pride or prejudice. And meditate on humility and TGW’s fine example! :grin:


Likewise, I’m a sinner. But reformed now I hope. :slightly_smiling_face:



I have been developing a twisty mustache… this could be the primary issue for me taking part in the OP.


There… now I’m back on topic!
But still don’t feel like shaving… :no_good_man:


hugs you all

Welcome back @TGW. Happy :heart:s for this topic. :wink::+1:


I’ll be positive when SGG listens to the community, cause that is a sign of things improving.


Very lovely and well said! If someone disagrees strongly with something there are 3 options, in my view:

  1. Ignore and move on
  2. Calmly and politely explain why you disagree
  3. Be mean and rude and yell

#3 takes the most energy, you know… and is also the least productive.

Just do #1 and #2 !


It’s so easy to be nice in real life. But somehow people confuse being angry at game changes with being mad at other players. Interact with people online like you would in person.

Thanks for creating this thread @sft1965. I’ve been trying to start one but it’s tough for me to word things without saying the obvious “don’t be a jerk”.



I can see where you’re coming from. I have shared negative feedback here on the forum, hopefully always in a civil manner.

And I read frustration in your comment. But the wording is exactly what the OP is trying to address.


Very well conveyed.

It amazes me just how… personally… people take this game, SGG, and other peoples’ opinions and attitudes on the game…

I’ll admit I have strong opinions at times but I try to be civil and constructive in conveying those opinions. When I get pushed, my instinct is to push back… which I am trying to curtail as it serves little purpose other than to get posts flagged.

One thing (amongst many, to be honest, but one step at a time…) that ticks me off is the number of threads where people talk about how SGG is greedy blah blah, and the number of posts where Petri or SGG are tagged demanding answers. This kind of behaviour dilutes the good feedback that many in the community have and is absolutely the opposite of the direction that needs to be taken if we want/expect SGG to take stock of our wishes and incorporate it into the future of the game


I hear ya SamMe, I try not to be uncivil, but the main reason I’m on forums more is because of the direction the game is going and I don’t like it and trying to be another voice of disapproval in hopes
of things changing. so hard to be positive until, well, things are more positive. Then I probably won’t be on here lol.


I’m not expecting people to all be fanbois but we do have a vent thread for venting (definitely a place to be nicer to others) and most topics of community importance are normally well covered and even some extreme points of view are allowed. By all means be critical but can we at least try to be polite and this tagging of Petri could probably stop (no tag!). Must send the guy nuts .


I think you should stay here on the forum, as long as you want to! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Fwiw, I think it can help to see that a lot of players disagree with the direction of the game. I do hope I’m wrong but I can’t really see things improving (based on past behaviour)…

I’m just trying to wait and see how they go ahead with any costumes for Springvale.


I try to sprinkle a few joys and laughs around …

I’m an optimist… flat out goofy if I like you. I’ll go to great lengths to win a smile… doesn’t bother me if you don’t like me.

It’s not hard when you find joy and laugh at anything really…

if I can pull that off - especially when the world is wonky - it’s time well spent.

I’ve pulled way, way back… partly because Jan kicked my ■■■, rediscovering girls and reconnecting with old friends …— but mostly because this board has become a kind of dark I don’t enjoy.

Clearly some others feel the same — as the ones missing bring the sunshine (among other things)

It’s gone from the glass is half empty

to the glass is chipped, the water is cloudy… and it’s on a wobbly table with an ugly place setting in a dimly lit room that smells of feet and pampers.

All that may be true…

But it’s still half full if one takes a moment to appreciate why they care enough to post about a glass of water every day.

I’m running out of fun little threads to be silly and fun in with folks that have that little extra sparkle in their step.

Septic engineering isn’t a hobby most find fulfilling :slight_smile:


I did ask the wife to tidy up a bit before you visited. :man_shrugging:

To the OP…a well written post. As someone who doesn’t play the game anymore, it’s a constant source of amazement to me that people are getting repeatedly bent out of shape by Empires. There are ways of conveying frustration, flat out anger even, without resorting to some of the antics seen on some threads.
As noted by others, SG would most likely take more interest in the comments if they were better constructed, and not just calling them names!

As for the lighter hearted posters, of which I like to think I’m one, we can but try and keep a light shining in the dark. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a thread running at the moment, called something like “Show me your A team” and I’m just itching to post a picture of Hannibal, FaceMan et al. Not sure how well they’d appreciate that though, it’s all very serious. Lol


Damn Vixx, that is spot on. And don’t you think many of us frequent forum dealers haven’t noticed your posts being less. Stop by and find the fun. Lord knows this tumbler of toilet water could use your splashes of Perrier now and then.



No… >:u

20 negative answers.

This can’t even be Googled. I assume it is meant as an insult? :cry:

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