Can we add ham & iron to every chest?

I’m tired of elemental chests screwing up my resources from raid chests

Is there anyway the same diamond arena hams/iron can be added to the elemental chests??

I actually feel every chest should whether it’s elemental or war; should come with diamond arena ham/iron amounts. There are no resources more needed than hams & iron. Literally need them for everything we do from leveling heroes to leveling troops to emblems to buildings to research to battle items etc…

How is this different from this:


It’s probly not

But i was too lazy to search

I’ll vote on those if you vote on this one



They could provide silver (3*) and golden (4*) resource tokens for both ham’n’eggs… n’iron. Silver for a half and golden for a full refill.

Path of Valor is adding resource bundles from 10 k to 500 k.

I would really like rare chests if the gave 2x 500 k iron bundles.

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