Can war cheast be obteinable if kicked out?

Anyone know if It Is possibile to open war chest when my Alliance reach 25/25 points if the leader kick me out of the Alliance before the end of the war that give US the last point needed to open It?

I believe the war chest is linked with the alliance. So if you’re not in the alliance to open the chest, you dont get it.

If you haven’t warred any where else though, and you were to rejoin, you could still open the filled war chest. Hope that makes sense.


The “bad thing” is that It make sense.
But in my situation Is that probably my leader gonna kick out me and my Friends out After the war because he Is angry at a couple of US and i have fear that we wont be able to open the chest for this “evil” move done by him.

Anyway thank you for answer me :blush:

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