Can this team complete the Rare / Epic / Legendary challenge?

Now that I have 6 or 7 higher level heroes, I’m pondering if it might be worth attempting to push through to complete the Epic challenge… and I figure that others are likely in the same boat, wondering if they can manage any given difficulty… so, if you’d like your team evaluated, post here!

I successfully completed the Rare challenge using this team:

It went really well and was surprisingly simple… but in stepping it up to Epic, I’m doubtful.

My team is pretty disparate… Here’s the team that I used to successfully clear Stage 1 of the Epic challenge. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be:

Not shown here is my newly pulled 1/1 Gormek, along with multiple maxed 3* heroes in each color. Any thoughts? Would it even be worth attempting for me, or just a waste of world energy?

Easily doable if you have some axes/bombs but might take a while since you don’t have Merlin/proteus to shut down their specials. The bosses don’t hit very hard I feel but have annoying effects.

Btw, I’d take single target heroes (bane, Valen etc) over ulmer (assuming maxed) for stages with queen of heart. Her minion taunt prevent your specials from affecting other bosses so heroes like ulmer become s huge waste if you can’t shut her down.


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