Can this possible?

How can someone revenge a raid hours later?

If semeone raid me and lost twice. How is it possible that 17 hours ater the same persone raids me again?

I thought that once you don’t rematch that raid that the option of rematch ing it goes away. Am I wrong?

You can revenge repeatedly until you win. You just attack again from the Watchtower list.

From a raid?
Not revenging a raid but from a raid you did?

How??? I don’t get the option to revenge a lost raid!
I only get it if I got raided and lost.

Sometimes I lost a raid and want a rematch later.
So I push the rematch and close my raid, later if the opponent isn’t online or hasn’t played, I don’t know the exact process, I’m able to do a rematch hours later.

Or good luck for him and not for you, he could have been rematched against you.

It does happen. I had someone lose twice yesterday just as I logged in, then try a third time a few hours later. If they try to attack again and get the ‘player is online’ notification they can just refuse the reroll and you’ll still be there later on. I imagine they get really irate about losing and can’t let it go. Also, if you’re a high diamond tier there’s a good chance that they can just roll you twice in one day. If they win, I think they get blocked from rolling you again for 24 hours

Interesting. I don’t get a rematch option of I close the list raid. I need to see ■■■ is happening to my install.

I was answering your original question. It sounds like you’re asking the opposite question now, how someone could attack again when it wasn’t a revenge originally.

One possibility is they happened to get matched with you again.

Another is that you happen to be the “owner” of an outpost at the end of a province for them.

Yeah that’s also a really good point. It could be the world map forcing them to raid you, you wouldnt know if this was the case.

Thanks all for the reply. Must be something on my end. I don’t get that option. I’ll investigate.

Of course!

Revenge is a dish best served cold

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Rofl. @FraVit93
You nailled it :smile:

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I didn’t explain my self right it is not revanging the raid they did to you but the person that is raiding you, raiding you over and over during different hours… The same day… But I think I figured it out… Seem to be an outpost @zephyr1 was right. Thanks to all.

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I my self had raided some one after 29 hours later.
I rematched and then got many things in life that prevent me from raid him/her in time.
When I reopened the game after 29 hours, I found him still in my raids so I went for it and got good 54 cups from him/her rofl.


This is what I was going to post. You can hit the rematch button but then not launch the raid. You wouldn’t be able to raid anyone else in the mean time, but the next time you look for an opponent, that rematch will still be the first match-up you see.

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That’s different and I have a thread open about that. Called “don’t penalize me”

Mods please lock it up. I found my issue and this is turning in to a trashed thread.

By your command…


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